Alyssa, Ryan and Greg in front of the Lariat Circle house under construction.
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Family Events on January 25
Year Event
1603 Birth Date of Stephen Hart
1703 Birth Date of John Thacher
1740 Birth Date of Josiah Strong
1781 Birth Date of Mary Jones
1790 Date of Passing for Samuel Austin
Passage of the Day
9 One who walks in integrity walks securely,But one who perverts his ways will be found out. - Proverbs 10:9 View Proverbs 10
Quotes of the Day
"He that can have patience can have what he will." - Benjamin Franklin
"Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more." - Mark Twain
"Reaching into someone else's pocket to assist one's fellow man hardly qualifies as charity." - Walter E. Williams
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