Conover / Milner Genealogy

Lydia Roswell Atwater

Father Mother   Father Mother
Jeremiah Atwater Lydia Rosewell   Roger Wolcott Sarah Drake
Lydia Roswell Atwater married to   Alexander Wolcott
Birth Date: October 13, 1715 
Birth Place: New Haven, Connecticut 
Marriage Date: December 4, 1732 
General Notes: Divorced Alexander Wolcott in 1740.
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Birth Date: January 7, 1711 
Marriage Date: December 4, 1732 
Occupation: Physician. Alexander accompanied his father as a surgeon on the expedition to Louisburg; was Chairman of the Windsor Connecticut Committee of Safety, Chairman of a commission to examine applicants for surgeons in the Continental Army. Alexander and Oliver Wolcott were given land grants at Montgomery, Franklin Co. NH in 1780 for their service in the Revolutionary war; settled at Windsor as a physician, trained his slave, Primus, in the practice of medicine and freed him to start his own medical practice; Justice of the Peace; Representative to the Connecticut General Assembly 
Deceased: March 25, 1795
Life Span: 84 Years
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Relative Relationship: 7 X Great Grandparents of Ryan and Alyssa Conover  (9 generations)

Children of
Lydia Roswell Atwater and Alexander Wolcott
Name Birth Day Deceased
Lydia Wolcott November 4, 1737