Conover / Milner Genealogy

Isabel of Angeloume

Father Mother   Father Mother
Aymer De Taillefer Count of Angeloume Unknown   Henry II Plantagenet of England Eleanor of Aquitaine
Isabel of Angeloume married to   John Plantagenet of England
Birth Date: 1188 
Marriage Date: 1200 
Deceased: May 31, 1246
Life Span: 58 Years
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Birth Date: December 24, 1166 
Marriage Date: 1200 
Deceased: October 18, 1216
Place of Death: Newark-on-Trent, England
Life Span: 50 Years
General Notes: Is the King John of the Robin Hood legend and in Shakespeare's "The Life and Death of King John". Contemporary sources describe him as being petty, spiteful and cruel. Signed the Magna Carta in 1215.
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Relative Relationship: 26 X Great Grandparents of Ryan and Alyssa Conover  (28 generations)

Children of
Isabel of Angeloume and John Plantagenet of England
Name Birth Day Deceased
Henry III Plantagenet of England October 1, 1207 November 16, 1272