Conover / Milner Genealogy

Eadgifu of Kent

Father Mother   Father Mother
Unknown Unknown   Alfred I 'The Great' Ealhswith of Mercia
Eadgifu of Kent married to   Edward 'The Elder'
Birth Date: 903 
Deceased: 966
Life Span: 63 Years
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Birth Date: 874 
Occupation: King of the Anglo-Saxons, coronated June 8, 900 
Deceased: July 17, 0924
Place of Death: Farndon, Cheshire, England
Life Span: 50 Years
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Relative Relationship: 36 X Great Grandparents of Ryan and Alyssa Conover  (38 generations)

Children of
Eadgifu of Kent and Edward 'The Elder'
Name Birth Day Deceased
Edmund I 'The Just' 921 May 26, 0946