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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Best), Joan Female 1522 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I931
Detail (de Richmond), Anna Female 1292 Draycott, Yorkshire, England  I816
Detail (de Richmond), Lady Sibella Female 1150 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I822
Detail (Drake), Elen Female 1330 Great Waltham, Essex, England  I894
Detail (Ford), Ellynor "Joan" Female 1560 Powerstock, Dorset, England  I738
Detail (Hart), Margaret Female 1620 England  I668
Detail (Hart), Mehitable Female 1572 St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, England  I670
Detail (Linscombe), Johana Female 1540 Sidmouth Par, Devon, England  I746
Detail (Littell), Eleanor Female March 1724 New Jersey  I304
Detail (Loveday), Susan Female 1570 England  I633
Detail (Musard), Hascouf Female 1068 Normandie, France  I828
Detail (Paine), Elizabeth Female 1584   I380
Detail (Squire), Margaret of Henwick Female 1514 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I786
Detail (Stebbins), Elizabeth Female 1541 Black Notley, Essex, England  I730
Detail (Stebbins), Ellen Female 1566 England  I728
Detail (Tompkins), Mary Female   I795
Detail (Trow), Emmeline Female 1803 Vermont  I701
Detail (Turner), Elizabeth Female 1532 Laughton-en-le-Northen, Yorkshire England  I943
Detail Abram, Margerite Female March 29, 1568 Lowton, Lancashire, England  I665
Detail Abram, William Male November 19, 1543 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I754
Detail Abrams, Richard Male 1517 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I757
Detail Aldrich, Margaret Female 1600 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I778
Detail Allen, Christian Female   I969
Detail Allen, Nehemiah Male 1636 South Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut  I111
Detail Allen, Reginald Male 1563 Colby, Norfolk, England  I662
Detail Allen, Samuel Male 1588 Braintree, Essex, England  I113
Detail Allen, Sarah Female August 22, 1672 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I102
Detail Annin, Jonathan M.D. Male Scotland  I457
Detail Annin, Mary Eliza Female February 7, 1841   I421
Detail Antage, Christiana Female 1392 Otterton, Devonshire, England  I199
Detail Antage, John Male 1354 Otterton, Devonshire, England  I892
Detail Arden, Margaret Female 1488 Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe, Warwickshire, England  I801
Detail Arden, Mary Female   I797
Detail Árpád, Agatha Female 1028 Magyarország, Hungary   I281
Detail Artois, Adalbald Male 800   I915
Detail Artois, Ansbert Male 700   I917
Detail Artois, Thibaud Male 830   I914
Detail Atkins, Elizabeth Female November 9, 1565 Parish Hinwick, Podington, Bedfordshire, England  I780
Detail Atkins, William Male 1544 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I781
Detail Atwater, Christopher Male   I285
Detail Atwater, David Male October 8, 1615 Lenham, Kent, England  I135
Detail Atwater, Jeremiah Male January 31, 1684   I152
Detail Atwater, John Male March 5, 1567   I137
Detail Atwater, Jonathan Male July 12, 1656   I154
Detail Atwater, Lydia Roswell Female October 13, 1715 New Haven, Connecticut  I130
Detail Atwater, Mercy Female February 29, 1648 New Haven, Connecticut  I134
Detail Austin, Benjamin Male March 16, 1591 Horsemonden, Kent, England  I776
Detail Austin, David Male February 23, 1670   I131
Detail Austin, David Male May 25, 1703   I127
Detail Austin, John Sr. Male November 12, 1615 Sandwich, Kent, England  I774
Detail Austin, John Jr. Male 1643 New Haven, Connecticut  I133
Detail Austin, Lydia Female December 9, 1764 New Haven, Connecticut  I57
Detail Austin, Samuel Male April 3, 1734   I125
Detail Baily, Nancy Female   I456
Detail Barker, Alice Female   I753
Detail Bartlett, Abigail Female September 6, 1636 Hartford, Connecticut  I724
Detail Bartlett, Robert Male May 27, 1603 Puddletown, Dorset, England  I734
Detail Bartlett, Robert Male   I752
Detail Baudoin, Elizabeth Female 1560 Valenciennes, Spanish Netherlands  I678
Detail Beaumont, John Male   I217
Detail Beaumont, Maude Female   I216
Detail Benedict, Jemimah Female   I446
Detail Benedict, Unknown Male   I447
Detail Best, Bridget Female April 9, 1592 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I921
Detail Best, Henry Male April 20, 1544 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I928
Detail Best, Richard Male 1519 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I930
Detail Betts, Mary Female 1665 Newtown Queens, New York  I393
Detail Billett, Christiana Female   I201
Detail Billung, Mathilde of Saxony Female 937 Saxony, France  I642
Detail Bishop, James Male 1625 Kingston Parrish, Surry, England  I150
Detail Bishop, Rebecca Female December 10, 1673 New Haven, Connecticut  I146
Detail Blanche, Ermengarde Female 1018   I246
Detail Blott, Mary Female 1615 England  I715
Detail Bohun, Margaret Female   I222
Detail Boithes, Grace Female July 16, 1557 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I929
Detail Boithes, John Male 1525 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I932
Detail Bonville, Philippa Female   I211
Detail Bonville, William Male   I214
Detail Boylan, Aaron Male   I452
Detail Boylan, Aaron Male January 11, 1774   I448
Detail Boylan, James Male August 14, 1743   I450
Detail Boylan, Osee Melinda Female February 15, 1813   I439
Detail Brackonje, Eli Male 1563 Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands  I687
Detail Braconie, Aeltje Brackhonge Female 1589 The Netherlands  I684
Detail Braconie, N.N. Female 1568   I688
Detail Braddock, Clarissa Female   I306
Detail Braddock, Michael Male July 20, 1765   I313
Detail Brainard, David Male   I956
Detail Brainard, Sarah Female 1710 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I372
Detail Breese, Phoebe Female August 25, 1783   I449
Detail Breese, Stephen Male   I455
Detail Bronaugh, Betsy (Betty?) Female 1790   I509
Detail Brookman, Laura Female 1522 Essex, England  I873
Detail Brown, Daniel Male   I368
Detail Brown, Joseph Male South Carolina  I959
Detail Brown, Mary Female 1656   I90
Detail Brown, Mathilda Female April 11, 1780   I367
Detail Browne, Catherine Winthrop Female March 9, 1711   I73
Detail Brownfield, George Washington Male 1817   I491
Detail Brownfield, Henry Ernest Male September 2, 1881 Kentucky  I487
Detail Brownfield, John Male 1790   I493
Detail Brownfield, John Frances Male 1840   I489
Detail Brownfield, Mary Felicita Female July 10, 1913   I470
Detail Browning, Ellen Female July 4, 1825 South Carolina  I486
Detail Browning, William Male May 21, 1785 South Carolina  I957
Detail Broyles, Jemima Female 1763 Culpepper County, Virginia  I960
Detail Buck, Glenn Male December 16, 1968   I832
Detail Buck, Sarah Female March 11, 2001   I837
Detail Buck, Shannon Male September 4, 1994   I835
Detail Buck, Suzanne Female October 11, 1998   I836
Detail Bunckom, Elizabeth Female 1569 Dorset, Dorchester, England  I742
Detail Bunckom, John Male   I743
Detail Burton, Lady Julian Mary Female 1375 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I810
Detail Butler, Patience Female September 28, 1648 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I362
Detail Butler, Thomas Lynn Male September 28, 1617 Lynn, Massachusetts  I868
Detail Canmore, Duncan I of Scotland Male 1001   I279
Detail Canmore, Edith Female 1079   I258
Detail Canmore, Malcom III of Scotland Male 1031   I277
Detail Cannon, Anne Female 1639 Yorkshire, England  I845
Detail Capet, Margaret Female 1492   I788
Detail Carter, George Frederick Male November 14, 1849   I404
Detail Carter, Margaret Tremearne Female February 25, 1877 Orange, New Jersey  I399
Detail Case, Hannah Female   I374
Detail Case, Henry Male   I389
Detail Case, Henry Male September 5, 1659 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I387
Detail Charde, Elizabeth Female 1591 Bridgeport, Dorset, England  I736
Detail Charde, Nicholas Male   I747
Detail Charde, Thomas Male February 27, 1567 Hemyock, Devonshire, England  I741
Detail Chase, Christiana Female June 9, 1555 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England  I782
Detail Clapp, Amasa Male June 28, 1743 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I706
Detail Clapp, Doritha Female October 1, 1781 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I705
Detail Clapp, Samuel Male 1677 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I710
Detail Clapp, Seth Male July 14, 1716 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I708
Detail Clarke, Daniel Male 1623   I180
Detail Clarke, Elizabeth Female October 28, 1651   I175
Detail Cloward, Alice Julian Female 1350 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I812
Detail Cole, John Male   I202
Detail Cole, Margaret of Rill Female   I191
Detail Condit, Lucinda Female March 5, 1799   I423
Detail Conover, Alyssa Jill Female June 15, 2001   I528
Detail Conover, Charles Lawrence Male October 28, 1856 New York, New York  I11
Detail Conover, George Roger Male November 14, 1928   I5
Detail Conover, Gregory Scott Male October 5, 1962   I3
Detail Conover, Janice Lee Female March 8, 1959   I15
Detail Conover, Jill Diane Female April 23, 1996   I525
Detail Conover, Maxwell Sargent Male July 13, 1904   I9
Detail Conover, Richard Wade Male September 24, 1956   I14
Detail Conover, Ryan Larry Male November 5, 1997   I1
Detail Conover, Stephen Sr. Male August 23, 1783 Middletown Point, New Jersey  I16
Detail Conover, Stephen Jr. Male April 1, 1822 New York, New York  I12
Detail Conover, Troy Stephen Male January 18, 1995   I524
Detail Conway, Mary Jane Female 1818 Alabama  I719
Detail Cool, Aeltje Cornelis Female 1615 The Netherlands  I29
Detail Cool, Cornelius Lambertse Male 1588 Doorne, Netherlands  I683
Detail Cool, Lambert Male 1560   I685
Detail Cooper, Barbara Female 1557 England  I626
Detail Cornwell, Esther Female 1708 East Middletown, Connecticut  I352
Detail Corwin, Martha Female 1632 Ipswich, Massachusetts  I951
Detail Courtenay, Hugh Earl of Devon Male   I221
Detail Couwenhoven, Gerritt Jansz Male 1546 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I697
Detail Covenhoven, Cornelius Roelof Male July 29, 1740   I20
Detail Covenhoven, Cornelius Male November 21, 1672   I24
Detail Covenhoven, Ieunis Male March 10, 1761 Middletown, New Jersey  I18
Detail Cromwell, Frances Female 1573   I862
Detail Cromwell, Sir Henry Williams Male 1537 Huntingdon, England  I863
Detail Crowborn, Elizabeth Female January 1542 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I755
Detail Crowborn, John Male 1517 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I758
Detail Cruwys, John Male   I197
Detail Cruwys, Unknown Female   I196
Detail Cryke, Jane Female 1470 Cantlow, Warickshire, England  I803
Detail d'Ambrose, Adelais Female   I256
Detail d'Amiens, Eldegarde Female 895 Amiens, Somme, Picardie, France  I911
Detail d'Artois, Thibaud Male 750   I916
Detail D'Awney, Emeline Female   I219
Detail D'Awney, John Male   I220
Detail Dalglish, Mary Female 1728   I41
Detail Dashiell, Grace Bentley Female May 10, 1870   I419
Detail Dashiell, James Male 1634 Edinburgh, Scotland  I844
Detail Dashiell, James Male 1668 Somerset County, Maryland  I842
Detail Dashiell, James Male October 30, 1690 Somerset County, Maryland  I840
Detail Dashiell, Jane Female July 30, 1675 Somerset County, Maryland  I847
Detail Dashiell, John Male April 17, 1751 Salisbury, Maryland  I461
Detail Dashiell, Robert Male July 4, 1792 Salisbury, Maryland  I459
Detail Dashiell, Robert Laurenson Male June 25, 1825 Salisbury, Maryland  I436
Detail Dashiell, Winder Male 1718 Stepney Parish, Maryland  I838
Detail Davis, Parmelia Elizabeth Female April 14, 1818 Virginia  I657
Detail Davis, Susanna Female   I312
Detail de Baugency, Lancelin Male 1027   I772
Detail de Baugency, Landry Male 989   I773
Detail de Bohun, Henry 1st Earl of Hereford Male 1176   I855
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey V Male   I854
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey VI, 3rd Earl of Hereford Male 1249   I850
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey IV, 2nd Earl of Hereford Male 1208   I852
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey VII, 4th Earl of Hereford Male 1276 Pleshy Castle, Essex, England  I223
Detail de Busseul, Marie Female 1526   I694
Detail de Cambrai, Raoul Male   I908
Detail de Chateau-du-Loir, Matilda Female   I240
Detail de Croft, Olivia Female 1128 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I824
Detail de Donzy, Adele Female   I250
Detail de Fiennes, Maud Female 1254 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England  I851
Detail De Flanders, Arnulph II Male 961 Flanders, France  I639
Detail de Goldington, Matilda Female 1191 Goldington, Bedford, England  I820
Detail de la Flèche, Elias I Count du Maine Male   I239
Detail de la Flèche, Jean Male   I241
Detail de Langthwayt, Isabella Osanna Female 1250 North Riding, Yorkshire, England  I818
Detail de Loches, Roscilla Female   I254
Detail de Lusignan, Maud Female 1210   I853
Detail De Luxembourg, Ogive Female 986 Flanders, France  I638
Detail de Mandeville, Maud Female   I856
Detail de Mantes, Gauthier II Vexin Male   I906
Detail de Mantes, Gauthier I Vexin Male   I907
Detail de Mauvoisin, Eva Female 1030 Mauvoisin, Nord, France  I830
Detail de Mauvoisin, Raoul I le Barbu Viscount of Nantes Male 1005 Mauvoisin, Nord, France  I829
Detail de Montfort, Bertrade Female 1070   I244
Detail de Musard, Garsiana Female 1104 Normandie, France  I826
Detail de Musard, Hasculfus VI, Count of Nantes Male 1050 Normandie, France  I827
Detail De Plancken, Sarah Female 1615 Amsterdam, Netherlands  I690
Detail de Richmond, Elyas C Male 1327 Draycott, Yorkshire, England  I813
Detail de Richmond, Elyas Sr. Male 1282 Draycott, Yorkshire, England  I815
Detail de Richmond, Roaldus Musard Male 1100 Normandie, France  I825
Detail de Richmond, Sir Alan Le Ennase Male 1125 Richmond Palace, Surrey, England  I823
Detail de Richmond, Sir Alan Male 1171 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I819
Detail de Richmond, Sir Roald Male 1148 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I821
Detail de Rivoire, Apollos Male   I412
Detail De Taillefer, Aymer Count of Angeloume Male   I231
Detail de Vexin, Eldegarde Female   I909
Detail DeBurgh, Lady Elizabeth Countess of Ulster Female July 6, 1332 Carrickfergus Castle, Antrim, Ulster, Ireland  I814
Detail Denys, Philippa Female   I184
Detail Denyse, Jannetje Female August 19, 1740   I21
Detail di Friuli, Helwise Female 860 Fruili, France  I913
Detail Dickerson, Caleb Male May 4, 1773   I366
Detail Dickerson, Henry Male 1547 Brampton, Suffolkshire, England  I625
Detail Dickerson, Peter Male 1710 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I371
Detail Dickerson, Peter Male July 5, 1648 Salem, Massachusetts  I375
Detail Dickerson, Philemon Male September 10, 1682   I373
Detail Dickerson, Philemon Male 1598 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England  I377
Detail Dickerson, Philemon Male 1739 Springfield, New Jersey  I369
Detail Dickerson, Robert Male   I627
Detail Dickinson, Elizabeth Griffin Female August 12, 1846   I291
Detail Dickinson, Philemon Male April 11, 1815   I364
Detail Drake, Harold Fitz Ralph Male   I903
Detail Drake, Humphrey Fitz William Male   I901
Detail Drake, Job II Male March 28, 1652   I174
Detail Drake, Job I Male March 5, 1620 Hampton, Arden, England  I176
Detail Drake, John VII Male 1585 Warwickshire, England  I178
Detail Drake, John III Male   I195
Detail Drake, John V Male   I190
Detail Drake, John II Male 1388 Otterton, Devonshire, England  I198
Detail Drake, John IV Male   I192
Detail Drake, John I Male 1350 Ashe, Exmouth, England  I200
Detail Drake, Nicholas II Male 1275 Great Waltham, Essex, England  I895
Detail Drake, Ralph de Dracc Male   I904
Detail Drake, Ralph Fitz Robert Male 1210 Mount Drake, Musbury, Devonshire, England  I899
Detail Drake, Reginald Fitz Ralph Male 1235 Mount Drake, Musbury, Devonshire, England  I898
Detail Drake, Robert Male 1310 Great Waltham, Essex, England  I893
Detail Drake, Robert Fitz Humphrey Male 1185 Drakenage, England  I900
Detail Drake, Roger Fitz Reginald Male 1260 Mount Drake, Musbury, Devonshire, England  I897
Detail Drake, Sarah Female May 10, 1686   I168
Detail Drake, Sir John VI Male 1500 Ashe, Devonshire, England  I188
Detail Drake, Sir Robert Male 1528 Wiscombe, Devon, England  I185
Detail Drake, William Fitz Harold Male   I902
Detail Drake, William Male Wiscombe, Devon, England  I183
Detail Driscoll, Hannah Female   I443
Detail du France, Adèle Female 1009 France  I636
Detail du Maine, Eremburge Female 1096   I238
Detail du Maine, Gerberga Female   I252
Detail du Maine, Paula Female   I242
Detail Dudley, Ann Female August 27, 1684   I88
Detail Dudley, Josiah Male 1620   I92
Detail Dudley, Thomas Male October 12, 1576   I94
Detail Duffell, Judith Female 1600 England  I860
Detail Duncan, Mary Female November 12, 1659   I75
Detail Duncan, Nathaniel Male   I289
Detail Duncan, Nathaniel Male 1586   I78
Detail Duncan, Peter Male   I76
Detail Duncan, Peter Male   I80
Detail Dunlop, Ann Female January 17, 1746   I451
Detail Dunlop, Samuel Male   I453
Detail Epes, Mary Female   I77
Detail Ferreol, Geoffrey de Chateau Landon, Count of Gatinais Male   I245
Detail Fish, Alice Female July 3, 1702 Portsmouth, Rhode Island  I967
Detail Fitz-Gerald, John Male   I444
Detail FitzGerald, Alice Hanly Female February 16, 1902   I33
Detail FitzGerald, James Newbury Male July 27, 1837 Newark, New Jersey  I420
Detail FitzGerald, John Male October 28, 1774   I440
Detail FitzGerald, John Driscoll Male February 16, 1813   I438
Detail FitzGerald, Paul Male December 12, 1868   I418
Detail FitzGerald, William Male 1729   I442
Detail Fletcher, Mary Female   I466
Detail Folger, Mary Female 1622 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I953
Detail Ford, Abigail Female 1608 England  I106
Detail Ford, John III Male 1560 Frome, Somerset, England  I737
Detail Ford, Thomas Male 1588 Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England  I108
Detail Ford, William Male 1532 Netherbury, Dorset, England  I739
Detail Forester, Engleran of Flanders Male 780 Flanders, Belgium  I652
Detail Forester, Liderie of Flanders Male 750 Flanders, Belgium  I653
Detail Forester, Odacre of Flanders Male 810 Flanders, Belgium  I651
Detail Forth, Mary Female   I98
Detail Foster, Abigail Female February 27, 1708   I354
Detail French, Elizabeth Female 1702   I761
Detail Frost, Annis Female   I324
Detail Fuller, Ann Female   I341
Detail Fuller, Edward Male September 4, 1575   I344
Detail Fuller, Hannah Female   I326
Detail Fuller, Matthew Male 1664   I338
Detail Fuller, Matthew Male October 16, 1603   I347
Detail Fuller, Robert Male   I346
Detail Fuller, Samuel Male 1612   I342
Detail Fuller, Samuel Male February 11, 1637   I340
Detail Gamer, Lydia Female 1598 Terling, Essex, England  I939
Detail Garrabrant, Cornelius Male February 1848 Great Notch, New Jersey  I400
Detail Garrabrant, George Male August 31, 1874 Orange, New Jersey  I398
Detail Garrabrant, Jacob Male 1806 New Jersey  I402
Detail Garrabrant, Lois Leslie Female November 30, 1906   I8
Detail Gaymer, Richard Male 1540 Coggeshall, Essex, England  I946
Detail Gaymer, Richard Male 1565 England  I944
Detail Gerrard, Mary Suzanne Female July 6, 1941   I6
Detail Gerrard, Oswald Male September 27, 1884   I501
Detail Gerrard, Oswald Jr. Male December 27, 1913   I498
Detail Gerrard, Robert Radford Male 1850   I503
Detail Gibbs, Mary Female 1677 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I356
Detail Gibbs, Samuel Sr. Male June 22, 1649 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I361
Detail Gibbs, Thomas Jr. Male 1615 England  I363
Detail Gibbs, Thomas Sr. Male 1585 Engalnd  I866
Detail Gilbert, Elizabeth Female   I206
Detail Gillette, Joanna Female October 28, 1680   I328
Detail Gillette, Jonathan Male 1600   I333
Detail Gillette, Josiah Male July 17, 1650   I331
Detail Goff, Hannah Female February 26, 1764   I314
Detail Goff, Hezekiah Male   I315
Detail Goff, Hezekiah Male   I317
Detail Goff, Oliver Cromwell Male   I318
Detail Goffe, William Male 1605 England  I319
Detail Goodwin, John Male October 18, 1751   I604
Detail Goodwin, Lydia LeBaron Female December 22, 1785   I409
Detail Gordon, Joan Female 1575   I603
Detail Gorges, Elizabeth Female   I209
Detail Gorham, Temperance Female 1646 Marshfield, Massachusetts  I615
Detail Gouy, Raoul Male 877 Vexin, Seine Inferieure, Normandy, France  I910
Detail Goyen, Charles Provine Male August 16, 1894 Mississippi  I514
Detail Goyen, Lucy Kathryn Female November 9, 1917   I499
Detail Goyen, William Smith Male 1863 Mississippi  I516
Detail Green, Benjamin Male 1722   I40
Detail Green, Henry Male 1638   I44
Detail Green, Jacob Male May 9, 1689   I42
Detail Green, Jemima Female December 3, 1752   I39
Detail Green, Thomas Male 1600   I46
Detail Greenville, Ann Female   I189
Detail Greenville, Roger Male   I203
Detail Grenville, Juliana Female 1280 Breklum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany  I896
Detail Grenville, Theobald of Stowe Male   I212
Detail Grenville, Thomas Male   I205
Detail Grenville, Thomas Male   I208
Detail Grenville, William Male   I210
Detail Griffin, Mary Ann Female November 12, 1817   I365
Detail Grisegonelle, Geoffroy I Male   I249
Detail Guest, Elizabeth Female   I454
Detail Hagan, Elisa Female 1817   I497
Detail Hale, David Austin II Male April 25, 1791 New London, Connecticut  I54
Detail Hale, David I Male December 15, 1761 Coventry, Connecticut  I56
Detail Hale, John Male June 3, 1636   I62
Detail Hale, Lucy Turner Female July 9, 1826 New York, New York  I13
Detail Hale, Richard Male February 28, 1717   I58
Detail Hale, Robert Male   I64
Detail Hale, Samuel Male August 13, 1687   I60
Detail Hall, Johanne Female 1406 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I808
Detail Hall, Maureen Female May 29, 1961 Arizona  I523
Detail Handy, Mary Jane Female 1825 Washington, DC  I437
Detail Harman, Mary Female 1536   I622
Detail Harold, Alice Female 1450 Frittenden, Kent, England  I804
Detail Harris, Benjamin Male 1700 Bridgewater, Massachusetts  I351
Detail Harris, Mary Female January 1, 1739   I310
Detail Harrison, Abram Parrot Male September 26, 1788   I414
Detail Harrison, Daniel Male   I416
Detail Harrison, Sarah (Sally Female 1820   I407
Detail Harssant, Catherine Female 1546   I382
Detail Harssant, Thomas Male   I383
Detail Hart, Mary Female August 14, 1632 Hartford, Connecticut  I122
Detail Hart, Stephen Male January 25, 1603 Braintree, Essex, England  I123
Detail Hart, Stephen Male November 14, 1568 Capel St. Mary, Suffolk, England  I669
Detail Hasen, Mary J. Female 1817   I492
Detail Hasse, Esther Female   I45
Detail Hatfield, Elizabeth Female 1545 Willoughby, Linolnshire, England  I871
Detail Hayne, Dorothy Female 1600   I397
Detail Hazlett, David Randolph Male 1837   I520
Detail Hazlett, Ezekiel Male July 1, 1805   I521
Detail Hazlett, Mary Sophia Female January 1859   I519
Detail Hichborn, Deborah Female   I413
Detail Hickman, James Male 1724   I512
Detail Hickman, Joel Male August 10, 1761   I510
Detail Hickman, John Maston Male April 8, 1860 Kentucky  I504
Detail Hickman, John Wilson Male 1787   I508
Detail Hickman, Mary C. Female July 22, 1891   I502
Detail Hickman, William Bryant Male 1822   I506
Detail Higginbotham, Joane Female 1647 St. Phillip, British West Indies, Barbados  I867
Detail Higgins, Isabel Female 1650 Somerset County, Maryland  I849
Detail Hills, Elizabeth Female 1656   I49
Detail Hinckley, Elizabeth Female 1603 Kent, England  I617
Detail Hobbes, Alice Female Coggeshall, Essex, England  I947
Detail Holton, Rachel Female 1651 Hartford, Connecticut  I104
Detail Holton, William Male April 28, 1610 Ipswich, Suffolk, England  I109
Detail Hood, Ada Bryon Female March 2, 1860 Brazos County, Texas  I505
Detail Hood, James Monroe Male December 12, 1818 North Carolina  I718
Detail Horton, Penelope Female February 14, 1690   I391
Detail Howell, Puah Female 1725   I300
Detail Howes, Dorothy Female 1619 Lynn, Massachusetts  I869
Detail Howse, Hannah Female   I350
Detail Hunt, Elizabeth Female 1566 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England  I771
Detail Hunt, Sarah Female 1640 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I767
Detail Huppert, Catherine Female 1625 Sandwich, Kent, England  I775
Detail Jacobsdochtor, Neeltje Female 1584 The Netherlands  I31
Detail James, Ann Female 1629 Scituate, Massachusetts  I937
Detail Jeffress, Ann Foster Female May 26, 1836   I476
Detail Jeffress, Drewry James Male August 18, 1812 Luemburg, Virginia  I479
Detail Jeffress, William Bedford Male September 10, 1782 Lunenburg, Virginia  I480
Detail Jenson, Elizabeth Female 1613 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England  I927
Detail Jones, Annie Female May 8, 1733 Stepney Parish, Maryland  I839
Detail Jones, Elizabeth Female 1614   I613
Detail Jones, Mary Female January 25, 1781   I17
Detail Jones, Phineas Male 1750   I38
Detail Jourdain, Elizabeth Female   I79
Detail Jourdain, Ignatius Male 1562   I81
Detail Kailway, John Male   I194
Detail Kelloway, Agnes Female   I193
Detail Kellum, Sally Female June 11, 1751 Stepney Parish, Maryland  I462
Detail Ketchell, John Male 1571   I602
Detail Ketchell, Robert Male October 25, 1601 Hayes, Kent, England   I158
Detail King, Katherine Female 1625   I395
Detail King, William Male 1595   I396
Detail Kingham, Elizabeth Female January 1, 1593 Boxford, Berkshire, England  I769
Detail Kitchel, Joanna Female October 2, 1637 Greenwich, Connecticut  I157
Detail Klock, Sarah Abramse Female December 10, 1651 New Amsterdam, New Netherlands (New York, New York)  I674
Detail Knight, Alyce Female 1598 Olney, Buckinghamshire, England  I624
Detail Lathrop, Jane Female September 29, 1614   I343
Detail Leake, Elizabeth Female 1425 Kirkton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England  I877
Detail Lee, John Male August 6, 1620 Colchester, Essex, England  I121
Detail Lee, Tabitha Female 1677 Farmington, Connecticut  I116
Detail Lewis, Hanna Female 1722   I513
Detail Lily, Joan Female 1571 Kent, Essex, England  I941
Detail Linscombe, Thamsen Female 1548 England  I744
Detail Linscombe, Thomas Male   I745
Detail Littell, Jonathan Eliakim Male November 6, 1723 Westfield, New Jersey  I303
Detail Littell, Polly Female   I295
Detail Littell, William Male October 13, 1757   I301
Detail Longbotham, Elizabeth Female October 13, 1560 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I923
Detail Lothrop, John Male December 20, 1584   I349
Detail Loveday, Anna Female 1592 Rollesby, Norfolk, England  I631
Detail Loveday, Geffrey Male 1524 Norfolk, England  I634
Detail Loveday, Richard Male 1565 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I632
Detail Lyman, Doritha Female 1749 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I707
Detail Lynde, Dorothy Female December 20, 1692   I43
Detail Lynde, John Male 1648 Malden, Massachusetts  I48
Detail Lynde, Thomas Male 1615 England  I51
Detail Lynde, Thomas Male 1593   I53
Detail Major, Elizabeth R. Female May 27, 1791   I481
Detail Mantes, Dreux Vexin Male   I905
Detail Mapes, Francis Male 1588 Feltham, Norfolk, England  I623
Detail Mapes, John of Feltham Male   I660
Detail Mapes, Leonard Male 1558 Beeston, Norwich, England  I658
Detail Mapes, Naomi Female January 17, 1667   I376
Detail Mapes, Thomas Male May 1628 Rollesby, Norfolk, England  I384
Detail Marshall, Elizabeth Female March 24, 1602   I166
Detail Mason, Magda Female March 29, 1997 Romania  I527
Detail Mason, Margaret Female 1565 England  I945
Detail Mason, Rick Dean Male August 22, 1959   I526
Detail Mason, Sybil Female February 3, 1540 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I925
Detail Mather, Elizabeth Female 1618 Deerfield, Northamptonshire, England  I120
Detail Mather, John Male 1550 Lowten, Winwick Parish, Lancashire, England  I756
Detail Mather, Thomas Male 1575 Lowton, Lancashire, England  I664
Detail Mattingly, Richard Male 1820   I496
Detail Mattingly, Sarah A. Female 1852 Nelson County, Kentucky  I490
Detail Maxfell, Alexander Male   I323
Detail Maxwell, David Male January 2, 1662   I321
Detail Maxwell, Genevieve Female December 31, 1866   I10
Detail Maxwell, Israel Osborn Male 1820   I292
Detail Maxwell, Jacob Brittin Male November 28, 1843   I290
Detail Maxwell, Jacob Brittin Male   I294
Detail Maxwell, John Male   I320
Detail Maxwell, John Male   I298
Detail Maxwell, John Male   I296
Detail May, Deliverance Female December 5, 1712 Rehoboth, Massachusetts  I965
Detail McLaren, Mary Elizabeth Female August 1852 Troy, New York  I401
Detail Mead, Eleanor Booker Female   I458
Detail Meeker, Phebe Female March 12, 1762   I302
Detail Milner, Bonnie Sue Female March 25, 1970   I468
Detail Milner, Daniel Male   I477
Detail Milner, Henry Clay Male 1830   I475
Detail Milner, John Male   I478
Detail Milner, Larry Shannon Male May 22, 1937   I7
Detail Milner, Laura Lee Female September 19, 1963   I467
Detail Milner, Pollyanna Female April 2, 1965   I2
Detail Milner, Shy Marie Female   I472
Detail Milner, Sylvester V. Male December 1, 1881   I473
Detail Milner, Wylie Murray Male   I471
Detail Milner, Wylie Murray Male December 10, 1910   I469
Detail Mitchell, George Male 1636 Sussex, England  I848
Detail Mitchell, Isabel Female 1672 Somerset County, Maryland  I843
Detail Monfoort, N.N. Female 1563   I696
Detail Monfort, Jannetije Pieterse Female 1646   I27
Detail Monfort, Jean Male October 11, 1583 Valenciennes, Nord-Pas-de-Calaise, France  I691
Detail Montfoort, Brisse Male 1560 Valenciennes, Hainaut, Belgium  I695
Detail Montfort, Pierre Janse Male January 15, 1615 Valenciennes, France  I689
Detail Moody, Apphia Female June 23, 1693   I61
Detail Moore, Alice Female 1600 Southwold, Suffolk, England  I955
Detail Moreau, Jacqueline Female 1583 Valenciennes, Hainaut, Belgium  I692
Detail Moreau, Philippe Male 1567   I693
Detail Morris, Bethiah Female   I316
Detail Moss, John Male   I144
Detail Moss, Mary Female April 11, 1647   I141
Detail Narsin, Susan Female   I138
Detail Nerra, Foulques III Male   I247
Detail Newberry, Mary Female   I181
Detail Newberry, Thomas Male 1594   I182
Detail Newbury, John Male   I445
Detail Newbury, Mary Female October 17, 1772   I441
Detail Nichols, Emily Jane Female 1829   I507
Detail Norton, Content Female 1714 Dukes, Massachesetts  I607
Detail Noyes, James Male   I66
Detail Noyes, Sarah Female March 21, 1655   I63
Detail of Angeloume, Isabel Female 1188   I230
Detail of Aquitaine, Eleanor Female 1122   I233
Detail of Castille, Eleanor Female   I226
Detail of Devon, Otes Male   I207
Detail of England, Edmund II "Ironside" Male 988 Wessex  I282
Detail of Flanders, Arnulf I Male 890 Flanders, Belgium  I643
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin I Male 837 Flanders, Belgium  I649
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin II Male 865   I647
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin III Male 940   I641
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin IV Male 980 Flanders, France  I637
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin V Male August 19, 1012 Arras, France  I261
Detail of Flanders, Matilda Female 1031   I260
Detail of France, Adele Female 887   I646
Detail of France, Judith Female 844 France  I650
Detail of Goderington, Edward Male   I218
Detail of Haccomb, Hugh Male   I215
Detail of Haccomb, Margaret Female   I213
Detail of Italy, Rozala Female 950 Ivrea, Italy  I640
Detail of Kent, Eadgifu Female 903   I885
Detail of Kent, Ealhmund Male   I891
Detail of Mercia, Ealhswith Female   I887
Detail of Normandy, William I Male 1027   I259
Detail of Provence, Eleanor Female   I228
Detail of Shaftesbury, Ælfgifu Female Shaftesbury, England  I883
Detail of Vermandois, Adela Female 910   I644
Detail of Vermandois, Herbert II Male   I645
Detail of Wessex, Egbert Male 769   I890
Detail of Wessex, Ælfthryth Female 877   I648
Detail of Wessex, Æthelwulf Male 795 Imperial Frankish Court, Aachen, Germany  I888
Detail of York, Ælfgifu Female 970   I655
Detail Osborn, Eunice Female   I297
Detail Osborn, John Male 1718   I299
Detail Ostrevant, Hucbold Male 855 Ostrevant, Nord Pas de Calais, France  I912
Detail Paine, Mary Female October 12, 1611 Wrentham, Suffolk, England  I378
Detail Paine, Thomas Male December 11, 1586   I379
Detail Paine, Thomas Male 1540   I381
Detail Park, Rosella Female 1809 New York, New York  I703
Detail Park, Silas Warren Male December 21, 1778 Litchfield, Connecticut  I704
Detail Peck, Abigail Female March 16, 1682   I132
Detail Peck, Caroline Lucinda Female May 24, 1837 New York, New York  I700
Detail Peck, Dorastus Male August 23, 1803 Otsego, New York  I702
Detail Peck, Jeremiah Male 1623   I156
Detail Peck, John Male 1638   I140
Detail Peck, Nathaniel III Male July 10, 1699 Swansea, Massachusetts  I966
Detail Peck, Nathaniel II Male July 26, 1670 Rehoboth, Massachusetts  I968
Detail Peck, Peleg Male September 24, 1760 Scituate, Rhode Island  I962
Detail Peck, Ruth Female April 3, 1661   I155
Detail Peck, Thomas Male January 11, 1726 Barrington, Rhode Island  I964
Detail Peck, William Male 1575 Knoston, Colchester, England  I529
Detail Peck, William Male 1604   I142
Detail Phillips, Alice Female 1635 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England  I919
Detail Phillips, Deacon Nicholas Male 1610 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England  I926
Detail Pitkin, Martha Female   I170
Detail Plantagenet, Edward I of England Male June 17, 1239   I225
Detail Plantagenet, Elisabeth Female August 7, 1282 Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales  I224
Detail Plantagenet, Geoffrey Duke of Anjou Male August 24, 1113   I234
Detail Plantagenet, Henry II of England Male March 5, 1133   I232
Detail Plantagenet, Henry III of England Male October 1, 1207   I227
Detail Plantagenet, John of England Male December 24, 1166   I229
Detail Plantagenet, Richard "Coeur de Lion" Male September 8, 1157   I236
Detail Post, Sarah Female 1815 Rhode Island  I403
Detail Pratt, Hannah Female November 4, 1670 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I765
Detail Pratt, Macute Male November 15, 1595 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England  I768
Detail Pratt, Matthew Sr. Male June 7, 1629 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England  I766
Detail Pratt, Thomas Male March 14, 1563 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England  I770
Detail Prudeaux, Elizabeth Female 1523 Thuborough, Devn, England  I186
Detail Prudeaux, Humphrey Male   I187
Detail Purrier, Sarah Female 1630 Olney, Bucks, England  I385
Detail Purrier, William Rutland Male 1599 Olney, Buckinghamshire, England  I386
Detail Purryer, John Male 1564 Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire, England  I628
Detail Rainhold, Elizabeth Female   I777
Detail Rapalye, Daniel Joriszen Male December 29, 1650 Brueklyn, New Netherlands (New York)  I673
Detail Raparlier, Jacques Male 1525   I679
Detail Raparlier, Jean Male 1490   I680
Detail Rapelye, Annetje Danielsen Female March 27, 1681 Flatbush, New York  I672
Detail Rapelye, Jean Male 1552 Hainaut, France  I677
Detail Rapelye, Joris Jansen Male April 28, 1604 Valenciennes, Spanish Netherlands  I675
Detail Reade, Edmund Male   I83
Detail Reade, Elisabeth Female 1525 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I635
Detail Reade, Elizabeth Female   I84
Detail Reade, Martha Female   I82
Detail Revere, Gilbert Male 1818   I406
Detail Revere, John Male March 27, 1787   I408
Detail Revere, Margaret Leslie Female   I405
Detail Revere, Paul Male January 1, 1735   I410
Detail Richmond, Sir Roald de Croft Male 1230 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I817
Detail Rider, Charles Male   I463
Detail Rider, Mary Female May 24, 1800   I460
Detail Rider, Wilson Male   I465
Detail Roberts, Margery Female 1560   I620
Detail Roberts, Styne Female 1548 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I698
Detail Robertson, Matilda Jane Female 1820   I522
Detail Rose, Elizabeth Female   I336
Detail Rosewell, Lydia Female August 21, 1687   I153
Detail Rosewell, Richard Male 1652   I160
Detail Rosewell, William Male   I162
Detail Rutherford, Henry Male   I287
Detail Rutherford, Sarah Female July 31, 1641   I164
Detail Rutland, Jane Female 1566 Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire, England  I629
Detail Rutland, Thomas Male 1540 Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire, England  I630
Detail Sale, Elizabeth Female 1465 Cambridge, England  I790
Detail Sargent, Epes Male February 12, 1690   I72
Detail Sargent, Lucy Female September 27, 1773   I68
Detail Sargent, Paul Dudley Male June 23, 1745   I70
Detail Sargent, William Male   I74
Detail Saunders, Elizabeth Female December 2, 1584   I172
Detail Saunders, Lucy Female 1747   I71
Detail Saunders, Thomas Male 1729   I85
Detail Saunders, Thomas Male   I173
Detail Sayre, Damaris Female 1625 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I136
Detail Sayre, Francis Male 1565 Hinwick, Podington Barish, Central Bedfordshire, England  I779
Detail Sayre, Thomas Male July 20, 1597 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I139
Detail Sayre, William of Leighton Buzzard Male 1534 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I783
Detail Sayre, William Male 1514 Doddington, Hinwick, Bedfordshire, England  I791
Detail Schenck, Margaretta Female   I25
Detail Shakespeare, Henry Male 1538 Warwickshire, England  I796
Detail Shakespeare, Lettice Female June 4, 1583   I179
Detail Shakespeare, Richard Male 1512 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I798
Detail Shannon, Bonnie Ada Female September 25, 1883   I474
Detail Shannon, Wylie Male 1815   I484
Detail Shannon, Wylie Buchannon Male December 15, 1858   I482
Detail Shaw, Abraham Male 1590 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I920
Detail Shaw, Ebenezer Male April 24, 1674 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I764
Detail Shaw, Lieutenant John Male May 23, 1630 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I918
Detail Shaw, Sarah Female February 15, 1700 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I763
Detail Shaw, Thomas Male 1535 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I924
Detail Shaw, Thomas Male January 30, 1563 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I922
Detail Sheafe, Richard Male 1559   I619
Detail Sheafe, Thomas Male 1532 Cranbrook, Kent, England  I621
Detail Sheaffe, Margaret Female May 21, 1598   I159
Detail Sheldon, Arthur Male 1575 Lowefield Ashford, Derby, England  I793
Detail Sheldon, Esther Female March 12, 1718 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I709
Detail Sheldon, Isaac Male 1630 Ashwell, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England  I716
Detail Sheldon, John B. Male December 8, 1658 South Kingston, Rhode Island  I712
Detail Sheldon, Mary Female 1687 Northamptonshire, England  I711
Detail Sheldon, Ralph Male 1605 Ashford, Derbyshire, England  I721
Detail Smith, Elizabeth Female   I435
Detail Smith, Fleuretti Female November 2, 1861   I483
Detail Smith, Hugh Male 1825 Tennessee  I485
Detail Smith, John Male 1539 Chelsworth, Sussex, England  I733
Detail Smith, Lucy Female November 24, 1752   I86
Detail Smith, Mary Female January 23, 1779   I425
Detail Smith, Sarah Female April 1569 Chelsworth, Suffolk, England  I732
Detail Southwell, Catherine Female 1566 Norfolk, England  I659
Detail Squire, Alice Female 1514 Henwick, Podington, Bedfordshire, England  I792
Detail Squire, Elizabeth Female 1544 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I784
Detail Squire, John of Henwick Male 1480 Benwick, Cambridge, England  I787
Detail Squire, John II of Hinwick Male 1512 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I785
Detail Squire, Richard Male 1458 Hampshire, England  I789
Detail Stebbins, Hannah Female July 8, 1664 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I713
Detail Stebbins, John Male June 26, 1626 Bocking, Essex, England  I723
Detail Stebbins, Rowland Male November 5, 1592 Bocking, Essex, England  I725
Detail Stebbins, Thomas Male 1566 Black Notley, Essex, England  I727
Detail Stebbins, William Male 1535 Black Notley, Essex, England  I729
Detail Sterner, Esther Amanda Female November 20, 1868   I35
Detail Sterner, Jacob G. Male   I434
Detail Stone, Barbara Female 1609 Ashford, Derbyshire, England  I722
Detail Stone, Lady Joan Female March 16, 1425 Warwickshire, England  I806
Detail Strelley, Elizabeth Female 1477 Strelley, Nottinghamshire, England  I875
Detail Strong, Charlotte C. Female November 30, 1824   I293
Detail Strong, Davis Swift Male November 16, 1790   I305
Detail Strong, Demas Male August 21, 1767   I307
Detail Strong, Elizabeth Female February 2, 1727   I59
Detail Strong, Elizabeth Female September 27, 1704 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I100
Detail Strong, Jedediah Male May 7, 1637 Taunton, Massachusetts  I117
Detail Strong, John Male 1605 Chard, Somerset, England  I105
Detail Strong, John Jr. Male 1626   I329
Detail Strong, Joseph Male December 2, 1672 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I101
Detail Strong, Joseph Male July 25, 1701 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I99
Detail Strong, Josiah Male January 11, 1678   I327
Detail Strong, Josiah Male January 25, 1740   I309
Detail Strong, Josiah Jr. Male September 9, 1709   I325
Detail Strong, Preserved Male March 29, 1680 Northampton, Massachusetts  I115
Detail Strong, Richard Male 1561 Caernanoore, Wales  I107
Detail Strong, Thomas Male 1636 Plymouth, Massachusetts  I103
Detail Sturgis, Desire Female 1670   I609
Detail Sturgis, Edward Male 1624   I614
Detail Sturgis, Edward Male 1604 Leicestershire, England  I616
Detail Swayze, Johanna Female June 25, 1725   I370
Detail Swayze, Samuel Male March 20, 1689   I390
Detail Swazey, John Male   I394
Detail Swazey, Joseph Male 1650 Salem, Massachusetts  I392
Detail Sweet, Betsey Female 1765 Genesee, New York  I963
Detail Swift, Elisha Male May 22, 1736   I311
Detail Swift, Isabella Female 1528 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I933
Detail Swift, Mary Female 1760   I308
Detail Swift, Samuel Male August 10, 1662 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I355
Detail Swift, William Male   I359
Detail Swift, Zaccheus Male February 1701   I353
Detail Syms, Agnes Female 1534 Netherbury, Dorset, England  I740
Detail Taintor, Charles Male   I337
Detail Taintor, Joanna Female April 1657   I332
Detail Taintor, Michael Male 1625   I335
Detail Thacher, Anothy Male   I612
Detail Thacher, Fear Female 1748   I605
Detail Thacher, John Male January 25, 1703   I606
Detail Thacher, John Male 1674   I608
Detail Thacher, John Male 1638   I610
Detail Thacher, Peter Male 1571 Queen Camel, England  I618
Detail Thompson, Anthony Male   I149
Detail Thompson, John Male June 1632 Coventry, West Midlands, England  I147
Detail Thompson, Rebecca Female February 23, 1707   I128
Detail Thompson, Samuel Male May 12, 1669 New Haven, Connecticut  I145
Detail Tichenor, Rhonda Female   I415
Detail Tompkins, Elizabeth Female December 12, 1645 Milford, Connecticut  I151
Detail Tompkins, Micah Male 1616   I794
Detail Traylor, Betsy Female September 10, 1995 Austin, Texas  I834
Detail Traylor, Christopher Male August 26, 1963   I831
Detail Traylor, William Fenner Male October 10, 1993 Austin, Texas  I833
Detail Trico, Catalyntie Jeronimus Female June 1605 Pris Aalslant, Belgium  I676
Detail Trow, Mary Inez Female November 10, 1894   I515
Detail Trow, Richard F. Male October 1836 Ohio  I699
Detail Trow, William Warren Male June 5, 1860 Iron County, Missouri  I518
Detail Trowbridge, Lydia Female June 7, 1666   I161
Detail Trowbridge, Thomas Male December 11, 1631   I163
Detail Trowbridge, Thomas Male   I165
Detail Tufts, Elizabeth Female 1612 England  I52
Detail Turner, Humphrey Male October 22, 1593 Devonshire, Kent, England  I938
Detail Turner, Jacob Male March 10, 1667 Scituate, Massachusetts  I934
Detail Turner, John Male November 4, 1768   I67
Detail Turner, John Male October 22, 1620 Kent, England  I936
Detail Turner, John I Male 1538 Kent, Essex, England  I942
Detail Turner, John II Male October 30, 1564 Kent, England  I940
Detail Turner, Lucy Sargent Female June 29, 1795 Boston, Massachusetts  I55
Detail Turner, Seth Jr. Male August 29, 1727 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I69
Detail Turner, Seth Sr. Male April 7, 1695 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I762
Detail Tyng, Edward Male   I96
Detail Tyng, Rebecca Female   I93
Detail Tyson, Elizabeth Female 1571 Childwell, Lancashire, England  I667
Detail Unknown, Æthelred 'The Unready' Male 968 Wessex, England  I654
Detail Unknown, Alfred I 'The Great' Male 849 The Royal Palace, Wantage, Oxfordshire, England  I886
Detail Unknown, Ann Female   I345
Detail Unknown, Ann Female   I114
Detail Unknown, Bethóc Female   I283
Detail Unknown, Charity Female   I464
Detail Unknown, Charles of the Franks Male   I270
Detail Unknown, Crínán of Dunkeld Male   I949
Detail Unknown, Ealdgyth Female 992   I656
Detail Unknown, Edgar 'The Peaceful' Male August 7, 0943 England  I880
Detail Unknown, Edmund I 'The Just' Male 921 England  I882
Detail Unknown, Edward 'The Elder' Male 874   I884
Detail Unknown, Elizabeth Female   I47
Detail Unknown, Elizabeth Female 1608   I143
Detail Unknown, Foulques II "le Bon" Male   I251
Detail Unknown, Foulques IV Male 1043   I243
Detail Unknown, Foulques V Count of Anjou and King of Jerusalem Male 1092   I237
Detail Unknown, Foulques I Count of Anjou and Nantes Male   I253
Detail Unknown, Gunnor Female   I274
Detail Unknown, Hannah Female   I348
Detail Unknown, Henry I of England Male 1069   I257
Detail Unknown, Herbert I du Maine Male   I264
Detail Unknown, Herleve Female   I263
Detail Unknown, Hildegard Female   I248
Detail Unknown, Hugo II du Maine Male   I266
Detail Unknown, Hugo III du Maine Male   I265
Detail Unknown, Hugo I du Maine Male   I267
Detail Unknown, Ingelger Male   I255
Detail Unknown, Joan Female   I360
Detail Unknown, Joanne Female   I65
Detail Unknown, Judith of Brittany Female   I272
Detail Unknown, Malcolm II of Scotland Male October 5, 0954   I284
Detail Unknown, Margaret of Wessex Female 1046 Hungary  I278
Detail Unknown, Mary Female   I334
Detail Unknown, Maryan Female   I286
Detail Unknown, Matilda "The Empress" Female 1102   I235
Detail Unknown, Osburh Female   I889
Detail Unknown, Polly Female   I417
Detail Unknown, Richard I of Normandy Male   I273
Detail Unknown, Richard II of Normandy Male   I271
Detail Unknown, Robert I of Normandy "The Magnificent" Male   I262
Detail Unknown, Roger Male 900   I268
Detail Unknown, Rollo Male   I276
Detail Unknown, Rothildis Female   I269
Detail Unknown, Ruth Female   I358
Detail Unknown, Sarah Female   I288
Detail Unknown, Sarah Female   I322
Detail Unknown, Suthen Female 1001 England  I948
Detail Unknown, UNNAMED Female   I124
Detail Unknown, William of the Long Sword Male   I275
Detail Unknown, Ælfthryth Female 945   I881
Detail Vail, Jeremiah Male 1619 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I952
Detail Vail, John Sr. Male 1592 Southwold, Suffolk, England  I954
Detail Vail, Tabitha Female 1661 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I388
Detail Van Brackel, Hannah Female 1761   I19
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Gerrit Wolfertson Male 1610 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I28
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Marretje Gerretse Female April 10, 1644 Flatlands, Long Island, New York  I682
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Roelof Cornelius Male October 5, 1706 Middletown, New Jersey  I22
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Willem Garretse Male 1636 Flatlands, Long Island, New York  I26
Detail Van Duersen, Catheryne Female 1560 Brooklyn, New York  I686
Detail Van Kouwenhoven, Wolfert Garretse Male May 1, 1579 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I30
Detail Van Voorhees, Coert Stevense Male 1638 Voor Hees, Drenthe, Netherlands  I681
Detail Van Voorhees, Cornelis Coerten Male June 23, 1678 Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York  I671
Detail Van Voorhees, Sarah Female April 12, 1710 Flatbush, New York  I23
Detail Vicars, Ann Female   I148
Detail Vining, Jane Female July 7, 1672 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I935
Detail Vinton, Rebecca Female August 15, 1729 Braintree, Massachusetts  I759
Detail Vinton, Samuel Male December 4, 1700   I760
Detail Wade, (Father of Male   I431
Detail Wade, Benjamin Male 1646   I432
Detail Wade, Benjamin Male 1690 Elizabethtown, New Jersey  I961
Detail Wade, Charles C. Male February 18, 1824   I36
Detail Wade, Clarence Eugene Male April 11, 1867   I34
Detail Wade, Eloise Fitzgerald Female October 11, 1934   I4
Detail Wade, John Jacob Male December 22, 1900   I32
Detail Wade, Jonathan Jr. Male 1749   I426
Detail Wade, Jonathan Male 1723 Elizabethtown, New Jersey  I429
Detail Wade, Joseph S. Male December 5, 1797   I422
Detail Wade, Nathaniel Male October 18, 1775   I424
Detail Wade, Robert Male   I433
Detail Waldren, Allynor Female   I748
Detail Walker, Augustine Male England  I751
Detail Walker, Elizabeth Female 1583 England  I750
Detail Walker, Rachel Female December 29, 1745   I411
Detail Ward, Elizabeth Female   I427
Detail Ward, Zebedee Male   I428
Detail Warren, Joan Female 1545 Huntingdon, England  I864
Detail Warren, Mary Ann Female 1610 Great Amwell, Hertford, England  I735
Detail Warren, Richard Male 1578 England  I749
Detail Warriner, Elizabeth Female 1640 Windsor, Connecticut  I330
Detail Webb, Abigail Female June 6, 1515 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I799
Detail Webb, John Male June 5, 1405 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I807
Detail Webb, Sir Geoffrey Male April 12, 1372 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I809
Detail Webb, Sir Henry Thomas Male May 15, 1350 Hampton Court, Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I811
Detail Webb, Sir John Alexander Sr Male July 9, 1450 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I802
Detail Webb, Sir John Alexander Jr. Male January 11, 1484 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I800
Detail Webb, Sir William Male March 16, 1425 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I805
Detail Wehrle, Eustachius Male 1850   I494
Detail Wehrle, Josephine Crecentia Female July 13, 1883 Kentucky  I488
Detail Wells, Dorothy Female 1725 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I430
Detail Whalley, Edward Male 1607 Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England  I858
Detail Whalley, Frances Female   I857
Detail Whalley, Henry Male 1410 England  I878
Detail Whalley, Richard Male 1569 Screveton, Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England  I861
Detail Whalley, Richard Esq Male 1440 Darleston, Staffordshire, England  I876
Detail Whalley, Richard Male 1499 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England  I872
Detail Whalley, Thomas Male 1552 Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England  I870
Detail Whalley, Thomas Male 1470 Kirkton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England  I874
Detail Whiting, John Male 1565 Boston, Lincolnshire, England  I731
Detail Whiting, Sarah Female 1591 Essex, England  I726
Detail Whitleigh, Margaret Female   I204
Detail Willoughby, Dorothy Female 1449 England  I879
Detail Wilson, Frances Garetta Female March 3, 1768   I511
Detail Wilson, Isabel Female 1581 Windsor, England  I865
Detail Wilson, Kathryn (Kate) Female 1867 Alabama  I517
Detail Winans, Catherine Neal Female May 12, 1834   I37
Detail Winder, Bridget Female 1698 Somerset County, Maryland  I841
Detail Winder, John Male March 7, 1676 Somerset County, Maryland  I846
Detail Winslow, Rebecca Female 1640 Marshfield, Massachusetts  I611
Detail Winthrop, John Sr. Male 1587   I97
Detail Winthrop, John Jr. Male February 12, 1606   I91
Detail Winthrop, John Male August 26, 1681   I87
Detail Winthrop, Wait Still Male 1642   I89
Detail Wolcott, Alexander Male January 7, 1711   I129
Detail Wolcott, Henry Male December 6, 1578   I171
Detail Wolcott, Lydia Female November 4, 1737 New Haven, Connecticut  I126
Detail Wolcott, Mary Allyn Female 1622 Tolland, Somerset, England  I177
Detail Wolcott, Roger Male January 4, 1679 Windsor, Connecticut  I167
Detail Wolcott, Simon Male September 11, 1624 Tolland, Somerset, England  I169
Detail Wolmer, Alice Female   I661
Detail Woodford, Mary Female January 24, 1636 Hartford, Connecticut  I717
Detail Woodford, Sarah Female September 2, 1649 Hartford, Connecticut  I112
Detail Woodford, Thomas Male 1612 Lincolnshire, England  I714
Detail Woodward, Freedom Female 1642 Dorchester, Massachusetts  I118
Detail Woodward, Henry Male May 22, 1607 Much Worton, Lancashire, England  I119
Detail Woodward, Thomas Male 1567 Childwell, Lancashire, England  I666
Detail Wyatt, Margaret Female 1569   I663
Detail Yancey, Mildred Ellender Female 1794 Tennessee  I958
Detail Yorke, Dorothy Female 1582   I95
Detail Young, Patience Female 1673   I339
Detail Zypel, Crecentia Female 1850   I495
Detail Ætheling, Edward "The Exile" Male 1016 Anglo Saxon England  I280