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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Abram, Margerite Female March 29, 1568 Lowton, Lancashire, England  I665
Detail Abram, William Male November 19, 1543 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I754
Detail Abrams, Richard Male 1517 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I757
Detail Aldrich, Margaret Female 1600 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I778
Detail Allen, Christian Female   I969
Detail Allen, Nehemiah Male 1636 South Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut  I111
Detail Allen, Reginald Male 1563 Colby, Norfolk, England  I662
Detail Allen, Samuel Male 1588 Braintree, Essex, England  I113
Detail Allen, Sarah Female August 22, 1672 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I102
Detail Annin, Jonathan M.D. Male Scotland  I457
Detail Annin, Mary Eliza Female February 7, 1841   I421
Detail Antage, Christiana Female 1392 Otterton, Devonshire, England  I199
Detail Antage, John Male 1354 Otterton, Devonshire, England  I892
Detail Arden, Margaret Female 1488 Wilmcote, Aston Cantlowe, Warwickshire, England  I801
Detail Arden, Mary Female   I797
Detail Árpád, Agatha Female 1028 Magyarország, Hungary   I281
Detail Artois, Adalbald Male 800   I915
Detail Artois, Ansbert Male 700   I917
Detail Artois, Thibaud Male 830   I914
Detail Atkins, Elizabeth Female November 9, 1565 Parish Hinwick, Podington, Bedfordshire, England  I780
Detail Atkins, William Male 1544 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I781
Detail Atwater, Christopher Male   I285
Detail Atwater, David Male October 8, 1615 Lenham, Kent, England  I135
Detail Atwater, Jeremiah Male January 31, 1684   I152
Detail Atwater, John Male March 5, 1567   I137
Detail Atwater, Jonathan Male July 12, 1656   I154
Detail Atwater, Lydia Roswell Female October 13, 1715 New Haven, Connecticut  I130
Detail Atwater, Mercy Female February 29, 1648 New Haven, Connecticut  I134
Detail Austin, Benjamin Male March 16, 1591 Horsemonden, Kent, England  I776
Detail Austin, David Male May 25, 1703   I127
Detail Austin, David Male February 23, 1670   I131
Detail Austin, John Sr. Male November 12, 1615 Sandwich, Kent, England  I774
Detail Austin, John Jr. Male 1643 New Haven, Connecticut  I133
Detail Austin, Lydia Female December 9, 1764 New Haven, Connecticut  I57
Detail Austin, Samuel Male April 3, 1734   I125