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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Best), Joan Female 1522 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I931
Detail Baily, Nancy Female   I456
Detail Barker, Alice Female   I753
Detail Bartlett, Abigail Female September 6, 1636 Hartford, Connecticut  I724
Detail Bartlett, Robert Male   I752
Detail Bartlett, Robert Male May 27, 1603 Puddletown, Dorset, England  I734
Detail Baudoin, Elizabeth Female 1560 Valenciennes, Spanish Netherlands  I678
Detail Beaumont, John Male   I217
Detail Beaumont, Maude Female   I216
Detail Benedict, Jemimah Female   I446
Detail Benedict, Unknown Male   I447
Detail Best, Bridget Female April 9, 1592 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I921
Detail Best, Henry Male April 20, 1544 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I928
Detail Best, Richard Male 1519 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I930
Detail Betts, Mary Female 1665 Newtown Queens, New York  I393
Detail Billett, Christiana Female   I201
Detail Billung, Mathilde of Saxony Female 937 Saxony, France  I642
Detail Bishop, James Male 1625 Kingston Parrish, Surry, England  I150
Detail Bishop, Rebecca Female December 10, 1673 New Haven, Connecticut  I146
Detail Blanche, Ermengarde Female 1018   I246
Detail Blott, Mary Female 1615 England  I715
Detail Bohun, Margaret Female   I222
Detail Boithes, Grace Female July 16, 1557 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I929
Detail Boithes, John Male 1525 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I932
Detail Bonville, Philippa Female   I211
Detail Bonville, William Male   I214
Detail Boylan, Aaron Male   I452
Detail Boylan, Aaron Male January 11, 1774   I448
Detail Boylan, James Male August 14, 1743   I450
Detail Boylan, Osee Melinda Female February 15, 1813   I439
Detail Brackonje, Eli Male 1563 Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands  I687
Detail Braconie, Aeltje Brackhonge Female 1589 The Netherlands  I684
Detail Braconie, N.N. Female 1568   I688
Detail Braddock, Clarissa Female   I306
Detail Braddock, Michael Male July 20, 1765   I313
Detail Brainard, David Male   I956
Detail Brainard, Sarah Female 1710 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I372
Detail Breese, Phoebe Female August 25, 1783   I449
Detail Breese, Stephen Male   I455
Detail Bronaugh, Betsy (Betty?) Female 1790   I509
Detail Brookman, Laura Female 1522 Essex, England  I873
Detail Brown, Daniel Male   I368
Detail Brown, Joseph Male South Carolina  I959
Detail Brown, Mary Female 1656   I90
Detail Brown, Mathilda Female April 11, 1780   I367
Detail Browne, Catherine Winthrop Female March 9, 1711   I73
Detail Brownfield, George Washington Male 1817   I491
Detail Brownfield, Henry Ernest Male September 2, 1881 Kentucky  I487
Detail Brownfield, John Frances Male 1840   I489
Detail Brownfield, John Male 1790   I493
Detail Brownfield, Mary Felicita Female July 10, 1913   I470
Detail Browning, Ellen Female July 4, 1825 South Carolina  I486
Detail Browning, William Male May 21, 1785 South Carolina  I957
Detail Broyles, Jemima Female 1763 Culpepper County, Virginia  I960
Detail Buck, Glenn Male December 16, 1968   I832
Detail Buck, Sarah Female March 11, 2001   I837
Detail Buck, Shannon Male September 4, 1994   I835
Detail Buck, Suzanne Female October 11, 1998   I836
Detail Bunckom, Elizabeth Female 1569 Dorset, Dorchester, England  I742
Detail Bunckom, John Male   I743
Detail Burton, Lady Julian Mary Female 1375 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I810
Detail Butler, Patience Female September 28, 1648 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I362
Detail Butler, Thomas Lynn Male September 28, 1617 Lynn, Massachusetts  I868