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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Canmore, Duncan I of Scotland Male 1001   I279
Detail Canmore, Edith Female 1079   I258
Detail Canmore, Malcom III of Scotland Male 1031   I277
Detail Cannon, Anne Female 1639 Yorkshire, England  I845
Detail Capet, Margaret Female 1492   I788
Detail Carter, George Frederick Male November 14, 1849   I404
Detail Carter, Margaret Tremearne Female February 25, 1877 Orange, New Jersey  I399
Detail Case, Hannah Female   I374
Detail Case, Henry Male   I389
Detail Case, Henry Male September 5, 1659 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I387
Detail Charde, Elizabeth Female 1591 Bridgeport, Dorset, England  I736
Detail Charde, Nicholas Male   I747
Detail Charde, Thomas Male February 27, 1567 Hemyock, Devonshire, England  I741
Detail Chase, Christiana Female June 9, 1555 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England  I782
Detail Clapp, Amasa Male June 28, 1743 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I706
Detail Clapp, Doritha Female October 1, 1781 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I705
Detail Clapp, Samuel Male 1677 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I710
Detail Clapp, Seth Male July 14, 1716 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I708
Detail Clarke, Daniel Male 1623   I180
Detail Clarke, Elizabeth Female October 28, 1651   I175
Detail Cloward, Alice Julian Female 1350 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I812
Detail Cole, John Male   I202
Detail Cole, Margaret of Rill Female   I191
Detail Condit, Lucinda Female March 5, 1799   I423
Detail Conover, Alyssa Jill Female June 15, 2001   I528
Detail Conover, Charles Lawrence Male October 28, 1856 New York, New York  I11
Detail Conover, George Roger Male November 14, 1928   I5
Detail Conover, Gregory Scott Male October 5, 1962   I3
Detail Conover, Janice Lee Female March 8, 1959   I15
Detail Conover, Jill Diane Female April 23, 1996   I525
Detail Conover, Maxwell Sargent Male July 13, 1904   I9
Detail Conover, Richard Wade Male September 24, 1956   I14
Detail Conover, Ryan Larry Male November 5, 1997   I1
Detail Conover, Stephen Jr. Male April 1, 1822 New York, New York  I12
Detail Conover, Stephen Sr. Male August 23, 1783 Middletown Point, New Jersey  I16
Detail Conover, Troy Stephen Male January 18, 1995   I524
Detail Conway, Mary Jane Female 1818 Alabama  I719
Detail Cool, Aeltje Cornelis Female 1615 The Netherlands  I29
Detail Cool, Cornelius Lambertse Male 1588 Doorne, Netherlands  I683
Detail Cool, Lambert Male 1560   I685
Detail Cooper, Barbara Female 1557 England  I626
Detail Cornwell, Esther Female 1708 East Middletown, Connecticut  I352
Detail Corwin, Martha Female 1632 Ipswich, Massachusetts  I951
Detail Courtenay, Hugh Earl of Devon Male   I221
Detail Couwenhoven, Gerritt Jansz Male 1546 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I697
Detail Covenhoven, Cornelius Roelof Male July 29, 1740   I20
Detail Covenhoven, Cornelius Male November 21, 1672   I24
Detail Covenhoven, Ieunis Male March 10, 1761 Middletown, New Jersey  I18
Detail Cromwell, Frances Female 1573   I862
Detail Cromwell, Sir Henry Williams Male 1537 Huntingdon, England  I863
Detail Crowborn, Elizabeth Female January 1542 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I755
Detail Crowborn, John Male 1517 Kirkham, Lancashire, England  I758
Detail Cruwys, John Male   I197
Detail Cruwys, Unknown Female   I196
Detail Cryke, Jane Female 1470 Cantlow, Warickshire, England  I803