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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (de Richmond), Anna Female 1292 Draycott, Yorkshire, England  I816
Detail (de Richmond), Lady Sibella Female 1150 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I822
Detail (Drake), Elen Female 1330 Great Waltham, Essex, England  I894
Detail d'Ambrose, Adelais Female   I256
Detail d'Amiens, Eldegarde Female 895 Amiens, Somme, Picardie, France  I911
Detail d'Artois, Thibaud Male 750   I916
Detail D'Awney, Emeline Female   I219
Detail D'Awney, John Male   I220
Detail Dalglish, Mary Female 1728   I41
Detail Dashiell, Grace Bentley Female May 10, 1870   I419
Detail Dashiell, James Male 1634 Edinburgh, Scotland  I844
Detail Dashiell, James Male 1668 Somerset County, Maryland  I842
Detail Dashiell, James Male October 30, 1690 Somerset County, Maryland  I840
Detail Dashiell, Jane Female July 30, 1675 Somerset County, Maryland  I847
Detail Dashiell, John Male April 17, 1751 Salisbury, Maryland  I461
Detail Dashiell, Robert Laurenson Male June 25, 1825 Salisbury, Maryland  I436
Detail Dashiell, Robert Male July 4, 1792 Salisbury, Maryland  I459
Detail Dashiell, Winder Male 1718 Stepney Parish, Maryland  I838
Detail Davis, Parmelia Elizabeth Female April 14, 1818 Virginia  I657
Detail Davis, Susanna Female   I312
Detail de Baugency, Lancelin Male 1027   I772
Detail de Baugency, Landry Male 989   I773
Detail de Bohun, Henry 1st Earl of Hereford Male 1176   I855
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey VII, 4th Earl of Hereford Male 1276 Pleshy Castle, Essex, England  I223
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey V Male   I854
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey IV, 2nd Earl of Hereford Male 1208   I852
Detail de Bohun, Humphrey VI, 3rd Earl of Hereford Male 1249   I850
Detail de Busseul, Marie Female 1526   I694
Detail de Cambrai, Raoul Male   I908
Detail de Chateau-du-Loir, Matilda Female   I240
Detail de Croft, Olivia Female 1128 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I824
Detail de Donzy, Adele Female   I250
Detail de Fiennes, Maud Female 1254 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England  I851
Detail De Flanders, Arnulph II Male 961 Flanders, France  I639
Detail de Goldington, Matilda Female 1191 Goldington, Bedford, England  I820
Detail de la Flèche, Elias I Count du Maine Male   I239
Detail de la Flèche, Jean Male   I241
Detail de Langthwayt, Isabella Osanna Female 1250 North Riding, Yorkshire, England  I818
Detail de Loches, Roscilla Female   I254
Detail de Lusignan, Maud Female 1210   I853
Detail De Luxembourg, Ogive Female 986 Flanders, France  I638
Detail de Mandeville, Maud Female   I856
Detail de Mantes, Gauthier II Vexin Male   I906
Detail de Mantes, Gauthier I Vexin Male   I907
Detail de Mauvoisin, Eva Female 1030 Mauvoisin, Nord, France  I830
Detail de Mauvoisin, Raoul I le Barbu Viscount of Nantes Male 1005 Mauvoisin, Nord, France  I829
Detail de Montfort, Bertrade Female 1070   I244
Detail de Musard, Garsiana Female 1104 Normandie, France  I826
Detail de Musard, Hasculfus VI, Count of Nantes Male 1050 Normandie, France  I827
Detail De Plancken, Sarah Female 1615 Amsterdam, Netherlands  I690
Detail de Richmond, Elyas Sr. Male 1282 Draycott, Yorkshire, England  I815
Detail de Richmond, Elyas C Male 1327 Draycott, Yorkshire, England  I813
Detail de Richmond, Roaldus Musard Male 1100 Normandie, France  I825
Detail de Richmond, Sir Alan Male 1171 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I819
Detail de Richmond, Sir Alan Le Ennase Male 1125 Richmond Palace, Surrey, England  I823
Detail de Richmond, Sir Roald Male 1148 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I821
Detail de Rivoire, Apollos Male   I412
Detail De Taillefer, Aymer Count of Angeloume Male   I231
Detail de Vexin, Eldegarde Female   I909
Detail DeBurgh, Lady Elizabeth Countess of Ulster Female July 6, 1332 Carrickfergus Castle, Antrim, Ulster, Ireland  I814
Detail Denys, Philippa Female   I184
Detail Denyse, Jannetje Female August 19, 1740   I21
Detail di Friuli, Helwise Female 860 Fruili, France  I913
Detail Dickerson, Caleb Male May 4, 1773   I366
Detail Dickerson, Henry Male 1547 Brampton, Suffolkshire, England  I625
Detail Dickerson, Peter Male 1710 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I371
Detail Dickerson, Peter Male July 5, 1648 Salem, Massachusetts  I375
Detail Dickerson, Philemon Male 1739 Springfield, New Jersey  I369
Detail Dickerson, Philemon Male September 10, 1682   I373
Detail Dickerson, Philemon Male 1598 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England  I377
Detail Dickerson, Robert Male   I627
Detail Dickinson, Elizabeth Griffin Female August 12, 1846   I291
Detail Dickinson, Philemon Male April 11, 1815   I364
Detail Drake, Harold Fitz Ralph Male   I903
Detail Drake, Humphrey Fitz William Male   I901
Detail Drake, Job I Male March 5, 1620 Hampton, Arden, England  I176
Detail Drake, Job II Male March 28, 1652   I174
Detail Drake, John V Male   I190
Detail Drake, John IV Male   I192
Detail Drake, John III Male   I195
Detail Drake, John II Male 1388 Otterton, Devonshire, England  I198
Detail Drake, John I Male 1350 Ashe, Exmouth, England  I200
Detail Drake, John VII Male 1585 Warwickshire, England  I178
Detail Drake, Nicholas II Male 1275 Great Waltham, Essex, England  I895
Detail Drake, Ralph Fitz Robert Male 1210 Mount Drake, Musbury, Devonshire, England  I899
Detail Drake, Ralph de Dracc Male   I904
Detail Drake, Reginald Fitz Ralph Male 1235 Mount Drake, Musbury, Devonshire, England  I898
Detail Drake, Robert Fitz Humphrey Male 1185 Drakenage, England  I900
Detail Drake, Robert Male 1310 Great Waltham, Essex, England  I893
Detail Drake, Roger Fitz Reginald Male 1260 Mount Drake, Musbury, Devonshire, England  I897
Detail Drake, Sarah Female May 10, 1686   I168
Detail Drake, Sir John VI Male 1500 Ashe, Devonshire, England  I188
Detail Drake, Sir Robert Male 1528 Wiscombe, Devon, England  I185
Detail Drake, William Fitz Harold Male   I902
Detail Drake, William Male Wiscombe, Devon, England  I183
Detail Driscoll, Hannah Female   I443
Detail du France, Adèle Female 1009 France  I636
Detail du Maine, Eremburge Female 1096   I238
Detail du Maine, Gerberga Female   I252
Detail du Maine, Paula Female   I242
Detail Dudley, Ann Female August 27, 1684   I88
Detail Dudley, Josiah Male 1620   I92
Detail Dudley, Thomas Male October 12, 1576   I94
Detail Duffell, Judith Female 1600 England  I860
Detail Duncan, Mary Female November 12, 1659   I75
Detail Duncan, Nathaniel Male   I289
Detail Duncan, Nathaniel Male 1586   I78
Detail Duncan, Peter Male   I80
Detail Duncan, Peter Male   I76
Detail Dunlop, Ann Female January 17, 1746   I451
Detail Dunlop, Samuel Male   I453