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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Ford), Ellynor "Joan" Female 1560 Powerstock, Dorset, England  I738
Detail Ferreol, Geoffrey de Chateau Landon, Count of Gatinais Male   I245
Detail Fish, Alice Female July 3, 1702 Portsmouth, Rhode Island  I967
Detail Fitz-Gerald, John Male   I444
Detail FitzGerald, Alice Hanly Female February 16, 1902   I33
Detail FitzGerald, James Newbury Male July 27, 1837 Newark, New Jersey  I420
Detail FitzGerald, John Male October 28, 1774   I440
Detail FitzGerald, John Driscoll Male February 16, 1813   I438
Detail FitzGerald, Paul Male December 12, 1868   I418
Detail FitzGerald, William Male 1729   I442
Detail Fletcher, Mary Female   I466
Detail Folger, Mary Female 1622 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I953
Detail Ford, Abigail Female 1608 England  I106
Detail Ford, John III Male 1560 Frome, Somerset, England  I737
Detail Ford, Thomas Male 1588 Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England  I108
Detail Ford, William Male 1532 Netherbury, Dorset, England  I739
Detail Forester, Engleran of Flanders Male 780 Flanders, Belgium  I652
Detail Forester, Liderie of Flanders Male 750 Flanders, Belgium  I653
Detail Forester, Odacre of Flanders Male 810 Flanders, Belgium  I651
Detail Forth, Mary Female   I98
Detail Foster, Abigail Female February 27, 1708   I354
Detail French, Elizabeth Female 1702   I761
Detail Frost, Annis Female   I324
Detail Fuller, Ann Female   I341
Detail Fuller, Edward Male September 4, 1575   I344
Detail Fuller, Hannah Female   I326
Detail Fuller, Matthew Male 1664   I338
Detail Fuller, Matthew Male October 16, 1603   I347
Detail Fuller, Robert Male   I346
Detail Fuller, Samuel Male February 11, 1637   I340
Detail Fuller, Samuel Male 1612   I342