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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Gamer, Lydia Female 1598 Terling, Essex, England  I939
Detail Garrabrant, Cornelius Male February 1848 Great Notch, New Jersey  I400
Detail Garrabrant, George Male August 31, 1874 Orange, New Jersey  I398
Detail Garrabrant, Jacob Male 1806 New Jersey  I402
Detail Garrabrant, Lois Leslie Female November 30, 1906   I8
Detail Gaymer, Richard Male 1565 England  I944
Detail Gaymer, Richard Male 1540 Coggeshall, Essex, England  I946
Detail Gerrard, Mary Suzanne Female July 6, 1941   I6
Detail Gerrard, Oswald Jr. Male December 27, 1913   I498
Detail Gerrard, Oswald Male September 27, 1884   I501
Detail Gerrard, Robert Radford Male 1850   I503
Detail Gibbs, Mary Female 1677 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I356
Detail Gibbs, Samuel Sr. Male June 22, 1649 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I361
Detail Gibbs, Thomas Sr. Male 1585 Engalnd  I866
Detail Gibbs, Thomas Jr. Male 1615 England  I363
Detail Gilbert, Elizabeth Female   I206
Detail Gillette, Joanna Female October 28, 1680   I328
Detail Gillette, Jonathan Male 1600   I333
Detail Gillette, Josiah Male July 17, 1650   I331
Detail Goff, Hannah Female February 26, 1764   I314
Detail Goff, Hezekiah Male   I315
Detail Goff, Hezekiah Male   I317
Detail Goff, Oliver Cromwell Male   I318
Detail Goffe, William Male 1605 England  I319
Detail Goodwin, John Male October 18, 1751   I604
Detail Goodwin, Lydia LeBaron Female December 22, 1785   I409
Detail Gordon, Joan Female 1575   I603
Detail Gorges, Elizabeth Female   I209
Detail Gorham, Temperance Female 1646 Marshfield, Massachusetts  I615
Detail Gouy, Raoul Male 877 Vexin, Seine Inferieure, Normandy, France  I910
Detail Goyen, Charles Provine Male August 16, 1894 Mississippi  I514
Detail Goyen, Lucy Kathryn Female November 9, 1917   I499
Detail Goyen, William Smith Male 1863 Mississippi  I516
Detail Green, Benjamin Male 1722   I40
Detail Green, Henry Male 1638   I44
Detail Green, Jacob Male May 9, 1689   I42
Detail Green, Jemima Female December 3, 1752   I39
Detail Green, Thomas Male 1600   I46
Detail Greenville, Ann Female   I189
Detail Greenville, Roger Male   I203
Detail Grenville, Juliana Female 1280 Breklum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany  I896
Detail Grenville, Theobald of Stowe Male   I212
Detail Grenville, Thomas Male   I208
Detail Grenville, Thomas Male   I205
Detail Grenville, William Male   I210
Detail Griffin, Mary Ann Female November 12, 1817   I365
Detail Grisegonelle, Geoffroy I Male   I249
Detail Guest, Elizabeth Female   I454