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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Hart), Margaret Female 1620 England  I668
Detail (Hart), Mehitable Female 1572 St. Nicholas, Ipswich, Suffolk, England  I670
Detail Hagan, Elisa Female 1817   I497
Detail Hale, David Austin II Male April 25, 1791 New London, Connecticut  I54
Detail Hale, David I Male December 15, 1761 Coventry, Connecticut  I56
Detail Hale, John Male June 3, 1636   I62
Detail Hale, Lucy Turner Female July 9, 1826 New York, New York  I13
Detail Hale, Richard Male February 28, 1717   I58
Detail Hale, Robert Male   I64
Detail Hale, Samuel Male August 13, 1687   I60
Detail Hall, Johanne Female 1406 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I808
Detail Hall, Maureen Female May 29, 1961 Arizona  I523
Detail Handy, Mary Jane Female 1825 Washington, DC  I437
Detail Harman, Mary Female 1536   I622
Detail Harold, Alice Female 1450 Frittenden, Kent, England  I804
Detail Harris, Benjamin Male 1700 Bridgewater, Massachusetts  I351
Detail Harris, Mary Female January 1, 1739   I310
Detail Harrison, Abram Parrot Male September 26, 1788   I414
Detail Harrison, Daniel Male   I416
Detail Harrison, Sarah (Sally Female 1820   I407
Detail Harssant, Catherine Female 1546   I382
Detail Harssant, Thomas Male   I383
Detail Hart, Mary Female August 14, 1632 Hartford, Connecticut  I122
Detail Hart, Stephen Male November 14, 1568 Capel St. Mary, Suffolk, England  I669
Detail Hart, Stephen Male January 25, 1603 Braintree, Essex, England  I123
Detail Hasen, Mary J. Female 1817   I492
Detail Hasse, Esther Female   I45
Detail Hatfield, Elizabeth Female 1545 Willoughby, Linolnshire, England  I871
Detail Hayne, Dorothy Female 1600   I397
Detail Hazlett, David Randolph Male 1837   I520
Detail Hazlett, Ezekiel Male July 1, 1805   I521
Detail Hazlett, Mary Sophia Female January 1859   I519
Detail Hichborn, Deborah Female   I413
Detail Hickman, James Male 1724   I512
Detail Hickman, Joel Male August 10, 1761   I510
Detail Hickman, John Wilson Male 1787   I508
Detail Hickman, John Maston Male April 8, 1860 Kentucky  I504
Detail Hickman, Mary C. Female July 22, 1891   I502
Detail Hickman, William Bryant Male 1822   I506
Detail Higginbotham, Joane Female 1647 St. Phillip, British West Indies, Barbados  I867
Detail Higgins, Isabel Female 1650 Somerset County, Maryland  I849
Detail Hills, Elizabeth Female 1656   I49
Detail Hinckley, Elizabeth Female 1603 Kent, England  I617
Detail Hobbes, Alice Female Coggeshall, Essex, England  I947
Detail Holton, Rachel Female 1651 Hartford, Connecticut  I104
Detail Holton, William Male April 28, 1610 Ipswich, Suffolk, England  I109
Detail Hood, Ada Bryon Female March 2, 1860 Brazos County, Texas  I505
Detail Hood, James Monroe Male December 12, 1818 North Carolina  I718
Detail Horton, Penelope Female February 14, 1690   I391
Detail Howell, Puah Female 1725   I300
Detail Howes, Dorothy Female 1619 Lynn, Massachusetts  I869
Detail Howse, Hannah Female   I350
Detail Hunt, Elizabeth Female 1566 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England  I771
Detail Hunt, Sarah Female 1640 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I767
Detail Huppert, Catherine Female 1625 Sandwich, Kent, England  I775