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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Jacobsdochtor, Neeltje Female 1584 The Netherlands  I31
Detail James, Ann Female 1629 Scituate, Massachusetts  I937
Detail Jeffress, Ann Foster Female May 26, 1836   I476
Detail Jeffress, Drewry James Male August 18, 1812 Luemburg, Virginia  I479
Detail Jeffress, William Bedford Male September 10, 1782 Lunenburg, Virginia  I480
Detail Jenson, Elizabeth Female 1613 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England  I927
Detail Jones, Annie Female May 8, 1733 Stepney Parish, Maryland  I839
Detail Jones, Elizabeth Female 1614   I613
Detail Jones, Mary Female January 25, 1781   I17
Detail Jones, Phineas Male 1750   I38
Detail Jourdain, Elizabeth Female   I79
Detail Jourdain, Ignatius Male 1562   I81