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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Linscombe), Johana Female 1540 Sidmouth Par, Devon, England  I746
Detail (Littell), Eleanor Female March 1724 New Jersey  I304
Detail (Loveday), Susan Female 1570 England  I633
Detail Lathrop, Jane Female September 29, 1614   I343
Detail Leake, Elizabeth Female 1425 Kirkton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England  I877
Detail Lee, John Male August 6, 1620 Colchester, Essex, England  I121
Detail Lee, Tabitha Female 1677 Farmington, Connecticut  I116
Detail Lewis, Hanna Female 1722   I513
Detail Lily, Joan Female 1571 Kent, Essex, England  I941
Detail Linscombe, Thamsen Female 1548 England  I744
Detail Linscombe, Thomas Male   I745
Detail Littell, Jonathan Eliakim Male November 6, 1723 Westfield, New Jersey  I303
Detail Littell, Polly Female   I295
Detail Littell, William Male October 13, 1757   I301
Detail Longbotham, Elizabeth Female October 13, 1560 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I923
Detail Lothrop, John Male December 20, 1584   I349
Detail Loveday, Anna Female 1592 Rollesby, Norfolk, England  I631
Detail Loveday, Geffrey Male 1524 Norfolk, England  I634
Detail Loveday, Richard Male 1565 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I632
Detail Lyman, Doritha Female 1749 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I707
Detail Lynde, Dorothy Female December 20, 1692   I43
Detail Lynde, John Male 1648 Malden, Massachusetts  I48
Detail Lynde, Thomas Male 1593   I53
Detail Lynde, Thomas Male 1615 England  I51