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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Musard), Hascouf Female 1068 Normandie, France  I828
Detail Major, Elizabeth R. Female May 27, 1791   I481
Detail Mantes, Dreux Vexin Male   I905
Detail Mapes, Francis Male 1588 Feltham, Norfolk, England  I623
Detail Mapes, John of Feltham Male   I660
Detail Mapes, Leonard Male 1558 Beeston, Norwich, England  I658
Detail Mapes, Naomi Female January 17, 1667   I376
Detail Mapes, Thomas Male May 1628 Rollesby, Norfolk, England  I384
Detail Marshall, Elizabeth Female March 24, 1602   I166
Detail Mason, Magda Female March 29, 1997 Romania  I527
Detail Mason, Margaret Female 1565 England  I945
Detail Mason, Rick Dean Male August 22, 1959   I526
Detail Mason, Sybil Female February 3, 1540 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I925
Detail Mather, Elizabeth Female 1618 Deerfield, Northamptonshire, England  I120
Detail Mather, John Male 1550 Lowten, Winwick Parish, Lancashire, England  I756
Detail Mather, Thomas Male 1575 Lowton, Lancashire, England  I664
Detail Mattingly, Richard Male 1820   I496
Detail Mattingly, Sarah A. Female 1852 Nelson County, Kentucky  I490
Detail Maxfell, Alexander Male   I323
Detail Maxwell, David Male January 2, 1662   I321
Detail Maxwell, Genevieve Female December 31, 1866   I10
Detail Maxwell, Israel Osborn Male 1820   I292
Detail Maxwell, Jacob Brittin Male   I294
Detail Maxwell, Jacob Brittin Male November 28, 1843   I290
Detail Maxwell, John Male   I320
Detail Maxwell, John Male   I298
Detail Maxwell, John Male   I296
Detail May, Deliverance Female December 5, 1712 Rehoboth, Massachusetts  I965
Detail McLaren, Mary Elizabeth Female August 1852 Troy, New York  I401
Detail Mead, Eleanor Booker Female   I458
Detail Meeker, Phebe Female March 12, 1762   I302
Detail Milner, Bonnie Sue Female March 25, 1970   I468
Detail Milner, Daniel Male   I477
Detail Milner, Henry Clay Male 1830   I475
Detail Milner, John Male   I478
Detail Milner, Larry Shannon Male May 22, 1937   I7
Detail Milner, Laura Lee Female September 19, 1963   I467
Detail Milner, Pollyanna Female April 2, 1965   I2
Detail Milner, Shy Marie Female   I472
Detail Milner, Sylvester V. Male December 1, 1881   I473
Detail Milner, Wylie Murray Male December 10, 1910   I469
Detail Milner, Wylie Murray Male   I471
Detail Mitchell, George Male 1636 Sussex, England  I848
Detail Mitchell, Isabel Female 1672 Somerset County, Maryland  I843
Detail Monfoort, N.N. Female 1563   I696
Detail Monfort, Jannetije Pieterse Female 1646   I27
Detail Monfort, Jean Male October 11, 1583 Valenciennes, Nord-Pas-de-Calaise, France  I691
Detail Montfoort, Brisse Male 1560 Valenciennes, Hainaut, Belgium  I695
Detail Montfort, Pierre Janse Male January 15, 1615 Valenciennes, France  I689
Detail Moody, Apphia Female June 23, 1693   I61
Detail Moore, Alice Female 1600 Southwold, Suffolk, England  I955
Detail Moreau, Jacqueline Female 1583 Valenciennes, Hainaut, Belgium  I692
Detail Moreau, Philippe Male 1567   I693
Detail Morris, Bethiah Female   I316
Detail Moss, John Male   I144
Detail Moss, Mary Female April 11, 1647   I141