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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail of Angeloume, Isabel Female 1188   I230
Detail of Aquitaine, Eleanor Female 1122   I233
Detail of Castille, Eleanor Female   I226
Detail of Devon, Otes Male   I207
Detail of England, Edmund II "Ironside" Male 988 Wessex  I282
Detail of Flanders, Arnulf I Male 890 Flanders, Belgium  I643
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin I Male 837 Flanders, Belgium  I649
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin III Male 940   I641
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin IV Male 980 Flanders, France  I637
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin V Male August 19, 1012 Arras, France  I261
Detail of Flanders, Baldwin II Male 865   I647
Detail of Flanders, Matilda Female 1031   I260
Detail of France, Adele Female 887   I646
Detail of France, Judith Female 844 France  I650
Detail of Goderington, Edward Male   I218
Detail of Haccomb, Hugh Male   I215
Detail of Haccomb, Margaret Female   I213
Detail of Italy, Rozala Female 950 Ivrea, Italy  I640
Detail of Kent, Eadgifu Female 903   I885
Detail of Kent, Ealhmund Male   I891
Detail of Mercia, Ealhswith Female   I887
Detail of Normandy, William I Male 1027   I259
Detail of Provence, Eleanor Female   I228
Detail of Shaftesbury, Ælfgifu Female Shaftesbury, England  I883
Detail of Vermandois, Adela Female 910   I644
Detail of Vermandois, Herbert II Male   I645
Detail of Wessex, Egbert Male 769   I890
Detail of Wessex, Ælfthryth Female 877   I648
Detail of Wessex, Æthelwulf Male 795 Imperial Frankish Court, Aachen, Germany  I888
Detail of York, Ælfgifu Female 970   I655
Detail Osborn, Eunice Female   I297
Detail Osborn, John Male 1718   I299
Detail Ostrevant, Hucbold Male 855 Ostrevant, Nord Pas de Calais, France  I912