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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Rainhold, Elizabeth Female   I777
Detail Rapalye, Daniel Joriszen Male December 29, 1650 Brueklyn, New Netherlands (New York)  I673
Detail Raparlier, Jacques Male 1525   I679
Detail Raparlier, Jean Male 1490   I680
Detail Rapelye, Annetje Danielsen Female March 27, 1681 Flatbush, New York  I672
Detail Rapelye, Jean Male 1552 Hainaut, France  I677
Detail Rapelye, Joris Jansen Male April 28, 1604 Valenciennes, Spanish Netherlands  I675
Detail Reade, Edmund Male   I83
Detail Reade, Elisabeth Female 1525 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I635
Detail Reade, Elizabeth Female   I84
Detail Reade, Martha Female   I82
Detail Revere, Gilbert Male 1818   I406
Detail Revere, John Male March 27, 1787   I408
Detail Revere, Margaret Leslie Female   I405
Detail Revere, Paul Male January 1, 1735   I410
Detail Richmond, Sir Roald de Croft Male 1230 Croft Castle, Leominster, Hereford, England  I817
Detail Rider, Charles Male   I463
Detail Rider, Mary Female May 24, 1800   I460
Detail Rider, Wilson Male   I465
Detail Roberts, Margery Female 1560   I620
Detail Roberts, Styne Female 1548 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I698
Detail Robertson, Matilda Jane Female 1820   I522
Detail Rose, Elizabeth Female   I336
Detail Rosewell, Lydia Female August 21, 1687   I153
Detail Rosewell, Richard Male 1652   I160
Detail Rosewell, William Male   I162
Detail Rutherford, Henry Male   I287
Detail Rutherford, Sarah Female July 31, 1641   I164
Detail Rutland, Jane Female 1566 Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire, England  I629
Detail Rutland, Thomas Male 1540 Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire, England  I630