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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Squire), Margaret of Henwick Female 1514 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I786
Detail (Stebbins), Elizabeth Female 1541 Black Notley, Essex, England  I730
Detail (Stebbins), Ellen Female 1566 England  I728
Detail Sale, Elizabeth Female 1465 Cambridge, England  I790
Detail Sargent, Epes Male February 12, 1690   I72
Detail Sargent, Lucy Female September 27, 1773   I68
Detail Sargent, Paul Dudley Male June 23, 1745   I70
Detail Sargent, William Male   I74
Detail Saunders, Elizabeth Female December 2, 1584   I172
Detail Saunders, Lucy Female 1747   I71
Detail Saunders, Thomas Male 1729   I85
Detail Saunders, Thomas Male   I173
Detail Sayre, Damaris Female 1625 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I136
Detail Sayre, Francis Male 1565 Hinwick, Podington Barish, Central Bedfordshire, England  I779
Detail Sayre, Thomas Male July 20, 1597 Leighton Buzzard, Central Bedfordshire, England  I139
Detail Sayre, William Male 1514 Doddington, Hinwick, Bedfordshire, England  I791
Detail Sayre, William of Leighton Buzzard Male 1534 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I783
Detail Schenck, Margaretta Female   I25
Detail Shakespeare, Henry Male 1538 Warwickshire, England  I796
Detail Shakespeare, Lettice Female June 4, 1583   I179
Detail Shakespeare, Richard Male 1512 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I798
Detail Shannon, Bonnie Ada Female September 25, 1883   I474
Detail Shannon, Wylie Male 1815   I484
Detail Shannon, Wylie Buchannon Male December 15, 1858   I482
Detail Shaw, Abraham Male 1590 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I920
Detail Shaw, Ebenezer Male April 24, 1674 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I764
Detail Shaw, Lieutenant John Male May 23, 1630 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I918
Detail Shaw, Sarah Female February 15, 1700 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I763
Detail Shaw, Thomas Male January 30, 1563 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I922
Detail Shaw, Thomas Male 1535 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I924
Detail Sheafe, Richard Male 1559   I619
Detail Sheafe, Thomas Male 1532 Cranbrook, Kent, England  I621
Detail Sheaffe, Margaret Female May 21, 1598   I159
Detail Sheldon, Arthur Male 1575 Lowefield Ashford, Derby, England  I793
Detail Sheldon, Esther Female March 12, 1718 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I709
Detail Sheldon, Isaac Male 1630 Ashwell, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England  I716
Detail Sheldon, John B. Male December 8, 1658 South Kingston, Rhode Island  I712
Detail Sheldon, Mary Female 1687 Northamptonshire, England  I711
Detail Sheldon, Ralph Male 1605 Ashford, Derbyshire, England  I721
Detail Smith, Elizabeth Female   I435
Detail Smith, Fleuretti Female November 2, 1861   I483
Detail Smith, Hugh Male 1825 Tennessee  I485
Detail Smith, John Male 1539 Chelsworth, Sussex, England  I733
Detail Smith, Lucy Female November 24, 1752   I86
Detail Smith, Mary Female January 23, 1779   I425
Detail Smith, Sarah Female April 1569 Chelsworth, Suffolk, England  I732
Detail Southwell, Catherine Female 1566 Norfolk, England  I659
Detail Squire, Alice Female 1514 Henwick, Podington, Bedfordshire, England  I792
Detail Squire, Elizabeth Female 1544 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I784
Detail Squire, John of Henwick Male 1480 Benwick, Cambridge, England  I787
Detail Squire, John II of Hinwick Male 1512 Hinwick, Podington Parish, Bedfordshire, England  I785
Detail Squire, Richard Male 1458 Hampshire, England  I789
Detail Stebbins, Hannah Female July 8, 1664 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I713
Detail Stebbins, John Male June 26, 1626 Bocking, Essex, England  I723
Detail Stebbins, Rowland Male November 5, 1592 Bocking, Essex, England  I725
Detail Stebbins, Thomas Male 1566 Black Notley, Essex, England  I727
Detail Stebbins, William Male 1535 Black Notley, Essex, England  I729
Detail Sterner, Esther Amanda Female November 20, 1868   I35
Detail Sterner, Jacob G. Male   I434
Detail Stone, Barbara Female 1609 Ashford, Derbyshire, England  I722
Detail Stone, Lady Joan Female March 16, 1425 Warwickshire, England  I806
Detail Strelley, Elizabeth Female 1477 Strelley, Nottinghamshire, England  I875
Detail Strong, Charlotte C. Female November 30, 1824   I293
Detail Strong, Davis Swift Male November 16, 1790   I305
Detail Strong, Demas Male August 21, 1767   I307
Detail Strong, Elizabeth Female September 27, 1704 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I100
Detail Strong, Elizabeth Female February 2, 1727   I59
Detail Strong, Jedediah Male May 7, 1637 Taunton, Massachusetts  I117
Detail Strong, John Male 1605 Chard, Somerset, England  I105
Detail Strong, John Jr. Male 1626   I329
Detail Strong, Joseph Male July 25, 1701 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I99
Detail Strong, Joseph Male December 2, 1672 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts  I101
Detail Strong, Josiah Jr. Male September 9, 1709   I325
Detail Strong, Josiah Male January 11, 1678   I327
Detail Strong, Josiah Male January 25, 1740   I309
Detail Strong, Preserved Male March 29, 1680 Northampton, Massachusetts  I115
Detail Strong, Richard Male 1561 Caernanoore, Wales  I107
Detail Strong, Thomas Male 1636 Plymouth, Massachusetts  I103
Detail Sturgis, Desire Female 1670   I609
Detail Sturgis, Edward Male 1624   I614
Detail Sturgis, Edward Male 1604 Leicestershire, England  I616
Detail Swayze, Johanna Female June 25, 1725   I370
Detail Swayze, Samuel Male March 20, 1689   I390
Detail Swazey, John Male   I394
Detail Swazey, Joseph Male 1650 Salem, Massachusetts  I392
Detail Sweet, Betsey Female 1765 Genesee, New York  I963
Detail Swift, Elisha Male May 22, 1736   I311
Detail Swift, Isabella Female 1528 Halifax, Yorkshire, England  I933
Detail Swift, Mary Female 1760   I308
Detail Swift, Samuel Male August 10, 1662 Sandwich, Massachusetts  I355
Detail Swift, William Male   I359
Detail Swift, Zaccheus Male February 1701   I353
Detail Syms, Agnes Female 1534 Netherbury, Dorset, England  I740