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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail (Tompkins), Mary Female   I795
Detail (Trow), Emmeline Female 1803 Vermont  I701
Detail (Turner), Elizabeth Female 1532 Laughton-en-le-Northen, Yorkshire England  I943
Detail Taintor, Charles Male   I337
Detail Taintor, Joanna Female April 1657   I332
Detail Taintor, Michael Male 1625   I335
Detail Thacher, Anothy Male   I612
Detail Thacher, Fear Female 1748   I605
Detail Thacher, John Male January 25, 1703   I606
Detail Thacher, John Male 1638   I610
Detail Thacher, John Male 1674   I608
Detail Thacher, Peter Male 1571 Queen Camel, England  I618
Detail Thompson, Anthony Male   I149
Detail Thompson, John Male June 1632 Coventry, West Midlands, England  I147
Detail Thompson, Rebecca Female February 23, 1707   I128
Detail Thompson, Samuel Male May 12, 1669 New Haven, Connecticut  I145
Detail Tichenor, Rhonda Female   I415
Detail Tompkins, Elizabeth Female December 12, 1645 Milford, Connecticut  I151
Detail Tompkins, Micah Male 1616   I794
Detail Traylor, Betsy Female September 10, 1995 Austin, Texas  I834
Detail Traylor, Christopher Male August 26, 1963   I831
Detail Traylor, William Fenner Male October 10, 1993 Austin, Texas  I833
Detail Trico, Catalyntie Jeronimus Female June 1605 Pris Aalslant, Belgium  I676
Detail Trow, Mary Inez Female November 10, 1894   I515
Detail Trow, Richard F. Male October 1836 Ohio  I699
Detail Trow, William Warren Male June 5, 1860 Iron County, Missouri  I518
Detail Trowbridge, Lydia Female June 7, 1666   I161
Detail Trowbridge, Thomas Male December 11, 1631   I163
Detail Trowbridge, Thomas Male   I165
Detail Tufts, Elizabeth Female 1612 England  I52
Detail Turner, Humphrey Male October 22, 1593 Devonshire, Kent, England  I938
Detail Turner, Jacob Male March 10, 1667 Scituate, Massachusetts  I934
Detail Turner, John Male November 4, 1768   I67
Detail Turner, John I Male 1538 Kent, Essex, England  I942
Detail Turner, John II Male October 30, 1564 Kent, England  I940
Detail Turner, John Male October 22, 1620 Kent, England  I936
Detail Turner, Lucy Sargent Female June 29, 1795 Boston, Massachusetts  I55
Detail Turner, Seth Sr. Male April 7, 1695 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I762
Detail Turner, Seth Jr. Male August 29, 1727 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I69
Detail Tyng, Edward Male   I96
Detail Tyng, Rebecca Female   I93
Detail Tyson, Elizabeth Female 1571 Childwell, Lancashire, England  I667