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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Vail, Jeremiah Male 1619 Norwich, Norfolk, England  I952
Detail Vail, John Sr. Male 1592 Southwold, Suffolk, England  I954
Detail Vail, Tabitha Female 1661 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I388
Detail Van Brackel, Hannah Female 1761   I19
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Gerrit Wolfertson Male 1610 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I28
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Marretje Gerretse Female April 10, 1644 Flatlands, Long Island, New York  I682
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Roelof Cornelius Male October 5, 1706 Middletown, New Jersey  I22
Detail Van Couwenhoven, Willem Garretse Male 1636 Flatlands, Long Island, New York  I26
Detail Van Duersen, Catheryne Female 1560 Brooklyn, New York  I686
Detail Van Kouwenhoven, Wolfert Garretse Male May 1, 1579 Amersfoort, Utreccht, Netherlands  I30
Detail Van Voorhees, Coert Stevense Male 1638 Voor Hees, Drenthe, Netherlands  I681
Detail Van Voorhees, Cornelis Coerten Male June 23, 1678 Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York  I671
Detail Van Voorhees, Sarah Female April 12, 1710 Flatbush, New York  I23
Detail Vicars, Ann Female   I148
Detail Vining, Jane Female July 7, 1672 Weymouth, Massachusetts  I935
Detail Vinton, Rebecca Female August 15, 1729 Braintree, Massachusetts  I759
Detail Vinton, Samuel Male December 4, 1700   I760