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  Name Gender Birth Day Birth Place Code
Detail Wade, (Father of Male   I431
Detail Wade, Benjamin Male 1690 Elizabethtown, New Jersey  I961
Detail Wade, Benjamin Male 1646   I432
Detail Wade, Charles C. Male February 18, 1824   I36
Detail Wade, Clarence Eugene Male April 11, 1867   I34
Detail Wade, Eloise Fitzgerald Female October 11, 1934   I4
Detail Wade, John Jacob Male December 22, 1900   I32
Detail Wade, Jonathan Jr. Male 1749   I426
Detail Wade, Jonathan Male 1723 Elizabethtown, New Jersey  I429
Detail Wade, Joseph S. Male December 5, 1797   I422
Detail Wade, Nathaniel Male October 18, 1775   I424
Detail Wade, Robert Male   I433
Detail Waldren, Allynor Female   I748
Detail Walker, Augustine Male England  I751
Detail Walker, Elizabeth Female 1583 England  I750
Detail Walker, Rachel Female December 29, 1745   I411
Detail Ward, Elizabeth Female   I427
Detail Ward, Zebedee Male   I428
Detail Warren, Joan Female 1545 Huntingdon, England  I864
Detail Warren, Mary Ann Female 1610 Great Amwell, Hertford, England  I735
Detail Warren, Richard Male 1578 England  I749
Detail Warriner, Elizabeth Female 1640 Windsor, Connecticut  I330
Detail Webb, Abigail Female June 6, 1515 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I799
Detail Webb, John Male June 5, 1405 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I807
Detail Webb, Sir Geoffrey Male April 12, 1372 Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I809
Detail Webb, Sir Henry Thomas Male May 15, 1350 Hampton Court, Stratford, Warwickshire, England  I811
Detail Webb, Sir John Alexander Jr. Male January 11, 1484 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I800
Detail Webb, Sir John Alexander Sr Male July 9, 1450 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I802
Detail Webb, Sir William Male March 16, 1425 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire, England  I805
Detail Wehrle, Eustachius Male 1850   I494
Detail Wehrle, Josephine Crecentia Female July 13, 1883 Kentucky  I488
Detail Wells, Dorothy Female 1725 Southold, Suffolk County, New York  I430
Detail Whalley, Edward Male 1607 Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England  I858
Detail Whalley, Frances Female   I857
Detail Whalley, Henry Male 1410 England  I878
Detail Whalley, Richard Esq Male 1440 Darleston, Staffordshire, England  I876
Detail Whalley, Richard Male 1569 Screveton, Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England  I861
Detail Whalley, Richard Male 1499 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England  I872
Detail Whalley, Thomas Male 1470 Kirkton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England  I874
Detail Whalley, Thomas Male 1552 Kirton, Nottinghamshire, England  I870
Detail Whiting, John Male 1565 Boston, Lincolnshire, England  I731
Detail Whiting, Sarah Female 1591 Essex, England  I726
Detail Whitleigh, Margaret Female   I204
Detail Willoughby, Dorothy Female 1449 England  I879
Detail Wilson, Frances Garetta Female March 3, 1768   I511
Detail Wilson, Isabel Female 1581 Windsor, England  I865
Detail Wilson, Kathryn (Kate) Female 1867 Alabama  I517
Detail Winans, Catherine Neal Female May 12, 1834   I37
Detail Winder, Bridget Female 1698 Somerset County, Maryland  I841
Detail Winder, John Male March 7, 1676 Somerset County, Maryland  I846
Detail Winslow, Rebecca Female 1640 Marshfield, Massachusetts  I611
Detail Winthrop, John Sr. Male 1587   I97
Detail Winthrop, John Male August 26, 1681   I87
Detail Winthrop, John Jr. Male February 12, 1606   I91
Detail Winthrop, Wait Still Male 1642   I89
Detail Wolcott, Alexander Male January 7, 1711   I129
Detail Wolcott, Henry Male December 6, 1578   I171
Detail Wolcott, Lydia Female November 4, 1737 New Haven, Connecticut  I126
Detail Wolcott, Mary Allyn Female 1622 Tolland, Somerset, England  I177
Detail Wolcott, Roger Male January 4, 1679 Windsor, Connecticut  I167
Detail Wolcott, Simon Male September 11, 1624 Tolland, Somerset, England  I169
Detail Wolmer, Alice Female   I661
Detail Woodford, Mary Female January 24, 1636 Hartford, Connecticut  I717
Detail Woodford, Sarah Female September 2, 1649 Hartford, Connecticut  I112
Detail Woodford, Thomas Male 1612 Lincolnshire, England  I714
Detail Woodward, Freedom Female 1642 Dorchester, Massachusetts  I118
Detail Woodward, Henry Male May 22, 1607 Much Worton, Lancashire, England  I119
Detail Woodward, Thomas Male 1567 Childwell, Lancashire, England  I666
Detail Wyatt, Margaret Female 1569   I663