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Not to be confused with "religion".

I am an unapologetic Christian. I don't belong to any denomination. I am reading and studying the Bible, and I attempt (key word is "attempt") to live my life according to the example of Jesus Christ. I am not a Biblical expert, but I believe that the Bible is truth - historical, spiritual and moral truth. My morals and standards are guided by Scripture. Yes, I fail from time to time... I am not perfect, but I am forgiven when I repent of my sin. This is a personal connection between me and God, and requires an intermediary - Jesus Christ.

If you don't believe this, that's fine. You are free to believe however you like, but you don't have the right to tell me to not talk about or act out my faith; although we seem headed in that direction.

Some would say that there is no God. I say "prove it". You may not believe in God, but that doesn't mean your belief dictates the truth. Explain to me how random, chance events led to this point in history. It's impossible. The "Theory of Evolution" is just that - theory. If it were fact, it would be the "Proof of Evolution." Has anyone found "the missing link"? For an atheist, the answers are just out of reach. Maybe if they could reach higher. Scripture doesn't contradict science where the science is proven. It seems like you have to have more faith as an atheist to believe that everything around us happened by accident.