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Earliest Known Birth: 700 Ansbert Artois
Latest Birth: 2001 Alyssa Conover
Earliest Known Marriage: 859 Baldwin of Flanders and Judith of France
Most Recent Marriage: September 2, 2023 Ryan Conover and Lauren Jordan
Oldest Family Member: 112 Isabel Wilson (born: 1581)
Youngest Deceased Family Member: 20 Alice Moore (born: 1600)
Average Age: 62.88  



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  Name Gender Birth Day
Detail Annin, Mary Eliza Female 2/7/1841
Detail Austin, Lydia Female 12/9/1764
Detail Austin, Samuel Male 4/3/1734
Detail Atwater, Lydia Roswell Female 10/13/1715
Detail Austin, David Male 5/25/1703
Detail Atwater, Jeremiah Male 1/31/1684
Detail Allen, Sarah Female 8/22/1672
Detail Austin, David Male 2/23/1670
Detail Atwater, Jonathan Male 7/12/1656
Detail Atwater, Mercy Female 2/29/1648
Detail Austin, John Jr. Male 1643
Detail Allen, Nehemiah Male 1636
Detail Austin, John Sr. Male 11/12/1615
Detail Atwater, David Male 10/8/1615
Detail Aldrich, Margaret Female 1600
Detail Austin, Benjamin Male 3/16/1591
Detail Allen, Samuel Male 1588
Detail Abram, Margerite Female 3/29/1568
Detail Atwater, John Male 3/5/1567
Detail Atkins, Elizabeth Female 11/9/1565
Detail Allen, Reginald Male 1563
Detail Atkins, William Male 1544
Detail Abram, William Male 11/19/1543
Detail Abrams, Richard Male 1517
Detail Arden, Margaret Female 1488
Detail Antage, Christiana Female 1392
Detail Antage, John Male 1354
Detail Árpád, Agatha Female 1028
Detail Anjou, Adele Female 920
Detail Artois, Thibaud Male 830
Detail Artois, Adalbald Male 800
Detail Artois, Ansbert Male 700
Detail Arden, Mary Female
Detail Atwater, Christopher Male
Detail Allen, Christian Female
Detail Annin, Jonathan M.D. Male